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THE PROGRAM OF TKEP/L ( Communist Labor Party of Turkey/Leninist)



While capitalist mode of production proletarianizes vast majority of society more, at the same time, also creates revolutionary force that will abolish it.

Consequence of concentration and centralization of capital, development of international trade and its transformation to imperialism which is the last stage of capitalism, capitalism becomes widespread and condenses deeply and widely; as a result of this, while capitalism becomes ripe for proletariat revolutions; it also trains and unifies proletariat that will achieve the revolution through its own mechanism.

In all capitalist countries in which society has separated two hostile camps as bourgeoisie and proletariat, antagonistic class contradictions are getting deeper and class struggle gradually becomes harder.

Class movement of proletariat in all countries whose interests are same, gains more international character. International proletariat movement in an exact class solidarity and unity has passed in hard and concentrate struggle that has lasted for decades. Struggle of social emancipation which proletariat wages in all capitalist countries of world, spreads and rises gradually.

Proletariat of Turkey and Kurdistan is a platoon of the army of international working class. Proletariat of Turkey and Kurdistan wages struggle for self class emancipation on the basis of class solidarity with proletariat of all countries and struggle mentality.

TKEP/Leninist that was established to get this struggle of Turkey and Kurdistan’s proletariat reached its aim is a revolutionary class party on which proletariat should be based. Emancipation struggle of proletariat based on revolutionary-communist organizing condenses and rises.

This program of revolution, is showing the way of reaching communism to proletariat.

TKEP/Leninist is based on revolutionary doctrine of marxism-leninism in its theoretic and politic studies and its practice.

The aim of TKEP/Leninist is to abolish classes and class domination.

TKEP/Leninist which pointed out clearly that it will achieve its aim solely by the way of revolution, wages a resolute struggle against the reformism, opportunism, revisionism and all deviated ideologies that divert proletariat’s target in this struggle.



Capitalist mode of production that emerges from commodity production finds its concrete expression in the fact that the means of production is in the private property of capitalists and wage workers are exploited. Capitalism that transforms producers to proletariats and means of production to capital creates revolutionary force which is going to realize its own destruction as turning vast majority of society into wage workers. Capitalist state that behaves modern capitalist society’s grounds as a politic domination tool of bourgeoisie, holds proletariat under pressure.

Capitalist private property, that takes away producer from its personal property converts to its own negation by the impact of its own economic laws. The fact that means of production and production itself gradually gain a social quality, capitalist relationship internationalizes, capitalism is transformed to a world system and a concentric development with getting whole people involved into the network of world market progress by masses become more proletariat and capital centralizes concentrically. With this progress, capital domination begins to tie down for productive forces that develops under the its own domination. As a result of concentration and centralization of capital; misery, oppression, slavery, degeneration, exploitation also increase vastly. In addition, revolutionary rebellion of proletariat whose numbers permanently increase and who is being educated, united and organized by the mechanism of capitalist production process widens and spreads.

Socialization of labor and concentration of capital progress together with anarchy in social production and the fact that antagonism between bourgeoisie and proletariat is reproduced at a higher stage comes to the forefront and sharpens.

Concentration of means of production and socialization of labor, gradually, creates a conflict with capitalist social relationship. A social revolution that will abolish capital domination has become compulsory. Capitalist private property will be transformed to public property by revolution.



Imperialism that arose in a certain development stage of concentration of production and centralization of capital, has launched a transformation to a new and advanced system in social structure. Imperialism drove forward all movement rules and conflicts of capitalism. Stage of capitalism’s pure competition and industrial capital’s sovereignty was replaced with monopolism and hegemony of finance capital. Monopolies don’t abolish free competition which they emerge from, but exist above and beside of it. Thus, a series of extremely hard and radical conflict, friction and skirmish arises.

Finance capital that transmit general inequality of capitalism to extreme points brings into question of the fact that already shared world is to be shared again. The attempt of taking colonies under the hegemony of the most powerful imperialist countries by the way of economic dependence has caused a series of skirmish and hot war.

Imperialist World War I which is launched aiming of resharing of world by great and powerful finance capital states, has caused that capitalism’s general crisis becomes permanent and continuous.

As a result of capital export of imperialism, the world has separated into imperialist, exploiter, oppressor and ruling countries on one side and under the slavery, oppressed and exploited nations on the other side, as capitalism spreads deeply and widely in all world. Imperialism has become a parasite by exploiting of most of the world and stamped the whole society as parasitism. Finance capital has made its own proletariat’s superior stratum (aristocrat stratum) as its own social base by giving a part of extreme profits obtained from colonies.

In terms of all political aspects, reactionary tendency of monopolistic capital finds its the most concrete expression in the state power of finance capital oligarchy. Reactionary tendency of imperialism has showed the fascist state formalization in the condition of monopolist state capitalism in Germany, Italy and many more countries.

Scientific and technological revolution that has showed a vast development expedites the socialization process of production. Moreover, in the domination of monopolism, social inequality increases and the basic conflicts of capitalism gone ahead sophisticatedly. The process of decay and sponging gets deeper.

In the capitalist manner, imperialism that raises social quality of production to the highest level matures material preconditions of socialism. Imperialism is the collapsing stage of capitalism and also the prodrome of socialism.



When the Great October Revolution occurred in 1917, Russia and the foundation of proletariat dictatorship, the era of transition from capitalism to communism had started worldwide. The fact that contradictions among imperialists became sharp in those conjuncture, revolutionary rebellions of masses in colonies and new-colonies, that proletarian actions in capitalist countries speed up and the crucial impact of socialism’s forces caused the fact that worldwide revolution struggle which had increased and gained new dimensions shook capitalist system radically. Proletariat has obtained new supports in its struggle with bourgeoisie.

Socialism had been transformed to a system as a result of the fact that imperialist World War II had finished and fascism had been destroyed in Europe with the dominance of Soviet Union, the foundation of powers with people’s democracy and orientation to socialism through social revolutions had been occurred in series countries in East Europe. Consequence of development of socialism, general crisis and destructive contradictions of capitalism gradually had gained more dimensions. While capitalist world system faced a definite destruction, bourgeoisie has lost its historical initiative on the condition that not to gain again.

The fact that Soviet Union, East Europe, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea proletariats and oppressed peoples entered the way of socialism accelerated national and class emancipation struggles in colonies and new colonies. Masses in colonies provided collapse of colonization system as getting loose their chains. Chains of new colonization are also broken up by the fact that proletariat’s and oppressed masses of revolutionary struggle spreads out in the imperialism’s new colonization relations based on economic dependency.

Practical experiences in Soviet Union and East Europe show that exploiter forces of old capitalist world never give up to try undertaking of bring back the past along the transition process lasting a long period from capitalism to communism. Proletariat ought to continue and strengthen proletariat dictatorship which is a compulsory precondition for transition along whole of this period.

Proletariat revolutions era is continuing. Up to now, rich and various forms of transition to socialism have arisen and masses in different countries will experience new examples of this. No matter how transition from capitalism to socialism takes a form, this transition can only be possible with a revolution.



Bourgeoisie that had led national independence war waged against the military occupation of imperialism and political hegemony of feudalism has realized reactionary bourgeois republic by seizing the power as a consequence of victory. Bourgeois who come to power has not changed the economic presence of imperialism and; while it contacts with imperialism on the base of economic dependency, it liquidated feudalism and gave place them in the bourgeois state hegemony system by taking feudal land monopoly of landowners into the structure of capitalist economy. Capitalist mode of production which substantially abolished primitive way of commodity production leading by petty peasantry in rural and craftsman in urban has prevailed in all areas in a certain process.

Capital that was weak had been strengthened by the state capitalism policy which established a monopoly in the industrial, agricultural production areas together with in the distribution and trade areas; development of capitalism under the hegemony of capital has accelerated.

Capital which is dominant in agriculture has realized segmentation and separation of peasantry; made petty and middle peasantry demolished, made the rest been dependent; has taken petty and middle peasantry under the politic domination of capital. Petty commodity production which has been keeping in agricultural area has become the remains of surpassed feudal production relations. Accumulation of capital in agriculture has caused the formation of agricultural proletariat whose numbers has risen every day in agricultural area by making peasantry population propertyless. Exploitation of agricultural laborers who get less salary than industrial workers do is the precondition of capital accumulation in agriculture.

Capital which has made petty-craftsmen propertyless in urban left the remains face to face with its own economic and politic oppression. Whole petty private property owners in urban have been forced to be propertyless by the consequence of the concentration and centralization of capital; and numbers of proletariat and unemployed have increased with the new comers. While doctor, architect, engineer, technician and all technical personnel that forms an important part of urban population have been made dependent, ones worked as salaried have been made them approach to proletariat and it has been executed their emancipation to tie to emancipation of proletariat.

As child and woman labor was being pulled to social production area, capital which has based on exploitation of proletariat whose numbers permanently increased has been gradually strengthened and centralized.

Capital which has concentrated and centralized in industry, trade and agricultural area has transformed to the monopoly in a certain point of its development. Monopolist capital that has developed on the basis of dependency and collaboration to imperialism has taken all parts of economy under its own domination. Upper and middle capital which has significant economical potential and includes huge amount of proletarian masses have become entirely dependent to monopolist capital. Petty property owners in urban and rural go permanently to non-existence under the economic hegemony of monopolist capital. Exploitation and being held under oppression of working class have concentrated and increased more under the monopolism. Monopolies that hold economic and political power have strengthened and developed.

Monopolist capital not satisfying with the average profit and chases for the highest profit has stamped parasitism to capitalist society by exploiting Kurdish nation and the other nations and giving a part of income it has been obtained from great robberies to bureaucracy, upper classes in educational, cultural and scientific area and trade-unionist worker aristocrats; and made them its own social base.

International finance-capital forces that accelerates deepening and spreading of capitalism in Turkey has strengthened their economic dominances by depending on development of capitalism. International finance-capital oligarchy(financial oligarchy?) that has made Turkey been economically dependent on themselves has also established an exact hegemony on the political structure of Turkey. Contradiction between imperialism exploiting and holding proletariat, peasantry and all peoples under oppression has completely sharpened.

The state of TC (Turkish Republic) which ensures to hold proletariat under oppression by Turkish bourgeoisie has become in reactionary and chauvinistic character. State power of bourgeoisie has taken any reactionaries came from the past into its own structure. Power of bourgeoisie was born and lasted as reactionary bourgeoisie dictatorship.

The state of TC depending on Ottoman despotism and militarism has shaped by the attempting to oppress and genocide of protests and uprisings of working class, Kurdish people, progressive forces and all laborers.

By obtaining economic force, monopolist capital has unified its own reactionary tendency with the existing reactionary structure of the state, and by taking state power and administration to its control, stiffened and strengthened the reactionary chauvinist character of the state.

The state had taken a fascist form by March 12th Military Fascist Dictatorship realized in the conditions of monopolist state capitalism. The fascist structure of state has been institutionalized and strengthened by September 12th Military Fascist Dictatorship. Oppression, torture, investigation, arresting and mass slaughters handling by capitalist class on the proletariat, Kurdish nation, other nations and whole masses has become the institutionalized and fixed policies of fascist state.

As a result of unbalanced development of capitalism, rift between rural and urban areas has become larger; while the peasantry has been deprived of intellectual development, urbanites has been remained of physical development. Furthermore, human life has been permanently gone bad.

The fact that Kurdish nation and all nations were held under pressure, oppressed, exploited, made slavery and the existence of national issue has sharpened the conflicts of capitalism.

Mechanization and automation that were accelerated on the basis of centralization and being strengthened, development in ability of existing machines, saving of agricultural labor force by applying scientific and technical developments caused permanent firings and the fact that unemployment has reached massive and next levels.

Workers from Turkey and Kurdistan who have to work in several capitalist countries out of Turkey are oppressed and exploited by their capitalist classes and states of bourgeoisie.

Concentration and centralization of capital and the more integration of economic structure with capitalist world system in the dependency relations on imperialism have been developing together with impoverishment, exploitation, being taken under pressure, oppression, being made slavery, being not sure of future of proletariat and increase of social inequality permanently.

Antagonistic contradiction between social character of production and private property of means of production has sharpened and intertwined with social contradictions. Thus, monopolistic capitalist system has chained itself to the destructive contradictions.

All of these developments have made a social revolution -that will end political hegemony of monopolistic capital, national oppression and dependency to imperialism; abolish the monopolist and great capitalist property, gradually, whole private property under the proletarian dictatorship- compulsory.

Proletariat who is charged to achieve this duty, has united, been educated and organized in economic struggle having a long past. Class emancipation consciousness of proletariat passing through several stages of class struggle has sharpened and its war capacity has become consolidated.

The victory of revolution in the leadership of proletariat, which has permanently ripened passing through the most hard corners of class struggle, and the defeat of capital hegemony are inevitable.


NATIONAL ISSUE (Kurdish National Issue)

As annexing and occupying North Kurdistan, Turkish bourgeoisie that has enforced terror and genocide to Kurdish people has made Kurdish nation completely a nation exploited, oppressed, under hegemony and being slavery through grounding the political annexation of Kurdistan on an economic base.

As a result of development of capitalism in Kurdistan, Kurdish bourgeoisie class has integrated with Turkish bourgeoisie and fallen out of national movement. Kurdish people together with Turkish people has been put into the same market relations; resting on this economic base has caused blend of Kurdish and Turkish proletarians with development and being sovereign of capitalism in Kurdistan.

Exploitation by only one bourgeois class on the same capitalist base and oppression by the same and one state, have transformed a common revolutionary process of Kurdistan and Turkey that developed separately to only one revolutionary process in the course of time. National emancipation struggle has become an unbroken piece of social revolution struggle.

The dependence to the same revolution process and revolution dynamism form the material basis of the fact that Kurdish proletariat together with proletariats from Turkey and different nations are organized in the same revolutionary class party and their joint struggle.

Only Kurdistan proletariat can lead national and class emancipation struggle because of its class position.

Arab, Laz, Circassian and the other national communities have been exploited by chauvinist Turkish bourgeoisie and held under national oppression within the same capitalist economic relations. Struggles of whole national communities under national oppression for their national rights are the parts of social revolution.

This material conditions are carrying proletarians from all nations to unite with Kurdish and Turkish proletariat in the same class organizations.

Social revolution in the leadership of proletarians from all nations and peoples will end capital hegemony and will abolish the national oppression and every kind of national inequality and contradiction.



Proletariat which seized politic power through revolution, abolishes the private property of all means of production on the hand of bourgeoisie and transforms these to the public property by means of power. Under the public property, social qualities of means of production that have been gained develop freely up to end. In this point, the power in transition from capitalism to socialism will be revolutionary dictatorship of proletariat. Proletariat dictatorship keeps its importance along the transition stage that will comprise the whole process because class struggle will continue as getting new forms along this stage.

Competition specific to capitalist mode of production itself, anarchy in social production and the other obstacles of development of production disappear in communist society which based on collective property of expropriated means of production; planned and expropriated production get their places instead. Contrast between the intellectual and manual labor and social inequality among the gender die out. By the expropriated means of production, it becomes possible that each member of society takes a life getting rich permanently and entirely enough under the guarantee; everyone develops their abilities freely in terms of physical and intellectual.

By abolition of private property, disappearance of classes and ending the exploitation of human being by human being, all the class antagonism and class state also disappear.

Communist society which is an united society passes through the stage of socialism that carries the marks of old society throughout where it arises and comes from as economically, morally and intellectually. In this lower stage of communist society, struggle against the old society defeated but not destroyed totally and its relations as residual lasts under the new form continuously. In the socialist stage, the material and technical basis of communism is prepared, communism reaches its own basis for the first time. Social productive forces show a great development in the upper stage of communist society; communal production becomes enough as much as meeting everyone’s needs, working becomes the main necessity of life while it was only a means of life. People improve versatilely and becomes free. The fact that all countries are the parts of the world trade and market has caused that the interests of all countries’ laborers become same. Therefore, emancipation of proletariat as a social task needs a struggle which workers of whole countries will participate in.

TKEP/Leninist taking the proletarian international principle as base considers itself as a squad of

international revolutionary proletarian movement; supports the struggle of oppressed peoples against the imperialism.



In order to reach its aim of abolishing classes and class antagonisms, TKEP/Leninist anticipates that it will realize firstly Democratic Power of People as a consequence of the victory of Democratic Revolution of People, so that it can reach socialism by transforming this power to proletariat dictatorship.

The main vanguard force of revolution and political power is the proletariat, the only revolutionary class. Proletariat is the only class that will conduct the social revolution till the end consistently, because of its class position. However, proletariat cannot save itself unless it rescue all the oppressed people. Proletariat conducts the alliance policy in struggle for political power because the vast majority of society have not been wage worker in Turkey.

The laborer masses which proletariat anticipates to make alliance with:

Agricultural Proletariat: They become a crucial potential getting bigger in rural. Agricultural proletariat exploited and oppressed by the agricultural bourgeoisie is the natural and main alliance force of urban industrial proletariat in the struggle of revolution, political power and socialism.

Intellectual laborers, technical personnel: While upper part of these are dependent on capital domination strictly, lower part is mostly salaried intellectual laborers. These lower parts are held under oppression and exploited. Most part of these participate first step of social revolution, and an important part of these that also will be gained help proletariat in the culture, science, art, economics and technical areas. The Party conducts the alliance policy to gain these for revolution.

Army of unemployed people: Their numbers increase massively and permanently. Unemployment in Turkey is not a temporary, instant situation but gained continuity and is in a situation that monopolist capitalist system cannot solve. Besides ones that can find job regard themselves as lucky, most of them are subjected to a starvation and poverty. These are in the position of proletarian because a part of these was proletarian before and a part will also become proletarian in the future. Yet, they are inconsistent and weak caused by being extorted from production. The Party pursuits to gain them to revolution as they carry a revolutionary potential.

Petty and poor peasantry: A part of laborer peasantry whose most part is in the situation of propertyless and semi-proletarian, has also land that is enough only for itself. Poor peasantry is within the propertyless and unemployment; moreover, they work for peanuts and have a life within the extremely misery when they find a job. Poor peasantry is the closest alliance force of urban industry proletariat after agricultural proletariat. Peasantry that has petty property is, however, getting more propertyless and more proletarian through being pushed to poverty in all days passed by mechanization, centralization of capital, interest and mortgages of banks. The future of them is dependent on proletariat. Petty peasantry is the alliance force of proletariat in rural.

Proletariat conducts the policy of neutralization for middle-peasantry in the revolution.

Craftsmen, tradesmen, urban petty bourgeoisies: Petty bourgeoisies that form an important part of urban population numerically, consist of tradesmen, dialers, doctors, architect-engineer, ones running small workshop and various groups. While very little part of craftsmen and petty bourgeoisies become more bourgeois, a great part of them is, however, becomes more propertyless permanently under the power of capitalism, finding itself either in the masses of proletarians or unemployed. Craftsmen and urban petty bourgeoisies is an alliance force of proletariat in this revolution.

Petty peasantry and craftsmen who are the alliance forces of proletariat show a backward and inconsistent attitude against bourgeoisie because they are dependent on the backward forms of production. While urban petty bourgeoisies also remain as private proprietor act like a bourgeois and expect to participate them; yet, as proletarianization, they struggle in the proletarian ranks and they are revolutionary from the way of this aspect. All the petty bourgeoisies lurch between proletariat and bourgeoisie; between the social revolution of proletariat and anti-revolutionary forces. Hence, with taking side of stronger and winner, they are getting a inseparable part of social revolution which is in front of us.

The Party will take into account these situations of petty peasantry and urban petty bourgeoisies in its alliance policies.



Proletariat seizes politic power as a consequence of the fact that revolution attains the victory by the alliance of the masses of people. Democratic Power of People which is the power of armed laborer people performs a free atmosphere as realizing People’s Democracy. Revolutionary power founded by revolution based on force runs through revolutionary methods.

Working class undertakes to establish socialism by transforming Democratic Power of People into proletarian dictatorship without suspending revolution. At the transformation stage, Democratic Power of People undergoes the class change and implements class domination of proletariat.

TKEP/Leninist that fights for emancipation of proletariat considers itself on the duty to fulfill these demands and measures that will approach proletariat to its emancipation as follows:


A) In the Political Area

1- Destruction of fascist state; destroying of army, police, courts, organs of bureaucracy, parliamentary, local state organs; transferring whole power to representatives of people.

2- The fact that People Democracy is realized; authority of making law, etc. belongs to Representatives Council of People; all representatives are selected; calling their representatives back right of voters is secured.

3- The fact that a new constitution getting human rights and liberties as base is prepared and presented to approval of peoples.

4- The fact that each officer is responsible for law in front of courts whose members has been elected by people in the face of each person during the work and none of the officer’s salary is not higher than the average salary of an expert worker.

5- Creating the army of people and armed militia people which is going to protect and defense.

6- Freedom of thought, expression, publication, congregate and organization for everyone.

7- Freedom for all political prisoners, inhibition of torture which is a humanity crime; the fact that foes of people who shoot them and torturers are going to be punished; abolishment of capital punishment.

8- Invalidation of qualified martial law, curfew, warfare law, state of emergency law, police jurisdiction law, anti-terror law.

9- Exiting from NATO, extinction of all imperialist military bases and establishments in Turkey and Kurdistan; invalidation of all bilateral or multilateral military and politic agreements.

10- Withdrawal of Turkish army from Kurdistan, Hatay and Cyprus which have been occupied.


B) In Industry, Credit, Trade and Transportation

1- Expropriation of all industrial enterprises and mines in the possession of capital; all enterprises and mines in the possession of imperialism by means of force.

2- To belong administration of industrial enterprises to office councils; to develop industry based on scientific and technical consequences; to meet the basic needs of people and serve the economical development.

3- Expropriation of all private banks, the banks and private financial establishments that belongs to imperialist by the means of force; centralization of all credit transactions in a single central bank.

4- Cancellation of dept whose craftsmen, tradesmen end petty owners of property to banks; convincing and encouraging them in order to become a cooperative and subvention of them for cooperation.

5- Abolition of private full-service wholesaling; making propertyless of great merchants, running domestic trade by means of cooperatives and organizing foreign trade by state.

6- Abolition of indirect taxes; replacement with graduated tax changing according to income status.

7- Expropriation of all road, air and marine transportation fleets in the capital property by means of force, maintenance of all mass transits by the state with people’s democracy.

8- The fact that debts of state T.C. to imperialist countries are not going to be paid.


C) In Agriculture

1- Expropriation of whole private great land property together with its means of production by means of force, transferring them to administration of agricultural laborer council; transferring some of expropriated lands to administration of poor peasantry committees; nationalization of all lands; prohibition of buying and selling of urban and rural lands.

2- Expropriation of all private great stock farm and farm management by means of force; transferring them to administration of worker council.

3- Cancellation of dept whose all petty peasantry’s and poor peasantry’s exploited by capitalists to merchants-usurer and banks.

4- Convincing and encouraging peasantries to become a cooperative aiming to spread collective production in agriculture; subvention cooperatives in forms of credits, mechanization, technique, medication, irrigation, etc; enlarging sphere of influence of collective state farms.

5- To produce based on scientific-technical methods, consciously in agriculture; dissemination of usage of technical equipment increasing labor productivity; dissemination and development of promotive industrial and agricultural industrial enterprises in terms of agricultural development.


D) National Issue

1- Kurdish nation has the national self determination right, including also foundation of independent national state.

2- All national communities themselves have the national self determination right.

3- Security of the exact equality right of all nations and national communities; abolition of official language obligation; struggle against the all ideological forms of chauvinist, racist and national oppression.


E) In Protection of Workers and Social Area

1- Prohibition of child labor whose age are younger than 14; the fact that a workday is going to be 7 hours, 5-day-working in a week is going 35 hours; working in the such works that are harmful to health and hard is going to be decreased to 6 hours.

2- Prohibition of deducting from workers’ salary for whatever reason.

3- Organization of proletariat in trade-unions; participation of trade-unions in the administration of economy; to supply security of unionization freedom.

4- To be worker’s insurance in the administration of workers by means of trade-unions.

5- Struggle for protection of workers’ labor from Turkey and Kurdistan who are working in several capitalist countries.

6- Reorganizing of health care services, enlarging them as in the form includes all masses and spreading the protective health care; expropriation of all private health care services; making all health care services free of charge.

7- Prohibition of woman laborers to work in unsanitary jobs and in night; to be granted leave of absence with pay of pregnant women for 4 months before birth and 4 months after it; to take unpaid leave of absence as much as they want; accepting motherhood as a social service; spreading of kindergarten, child care center and game parks for children; abolishment of social inequality of women and security of exact equality with men; struggle against the all ideologies getting women slavery…


F) In Communication, Culture and Housing

1- Expropriation of private television and other private mass communication means and enterprises by means of force.

2- Expropriation of paper enterprises, paper stocks, press-publish-distribution houses and private media; providing of labors’ development in terms of culture.

3- Expropriation of all private school, courses, culture foundations; making education free; purification of education from all the influences of bourgeois ideology such as chauvinist, racist, reactionary, religious, fascist etc.; reorganization of education on proletarian socialist bases.

4- Purification of schools from the impact of military, police and government; to make universities as democratic and autonomous character.

5- Closing of private sports clubs and establishments and spreading mass sports.

6- Expropriation of great capital construction companies, hotels, motels, guest houses, real estate agents, all technical private offices such as architecture and engineering; housing of workers and laborers in healthy houses and being supplied spaces for them to rest in a healthy environment; arranging rents according to income level of tenant and keeping them low.

7- Prevention of threatens in industry and nuclear industry on nature and social life; taking precautions for a clear and protected nature.

TKEP/Leninist fighting for the emancipation of working class invites all oppressed and exploited people to unite in revolutionary ranks in the leadership of proletariat that is going to rescue themselves; invites to struggle to fulfill the DEMANDS AND MEASURES pointed out in this doctrine.

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