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Imperialism that arose in a certain development stage of concentration of production and centralization of capital, has launched a transformation to a new and advanced system in social structure. Imperialism drove forward all movement rules and conflicts of capitalism. Stage of capitalism’s pure competition and industrial capital’s sovereignty was replaced with monopolism and hegemony of finance capital. Monopolies don’t abolish free competition which they emerge from, but exist above and beside of it. Thus, a series of extremely hard and radical conflict, friction and skirmish arises.

Finance capital that transmit general inequality of capitalism to extreme points brings into question of the fact that already shared world is to be shared again. The attempt of taking colonies under the hegemony of the most powerful imperialist countries by the way of economic dependence has caused a series of skirmish and hot war.

Imperialist World War I which is launched aiming of resharing of world by great and powerful finance capital states, has caused that capitalism’s general crisis becomes permanent and continuous.

As a result of capital export of imperialism, the world has separated into imperialist, exploiter, oppressor and ruling countries on one side and under the slavery, oppressed and exploited nations on the other side, as capitalism spreads deeply and widely in all world. Imperialism has become a parasite by exploiting of most of the world and stamped the whole society as parasitism. Finance capital has made its own proletariat’s superior stratum (aristocrat stratum) as its own social base by giving a part of extreme profits obtained from colonies.

In terms of all political aspects, reactionary tendency of monopolistic capital finds its the most concrete expression in the state power of finance capital oligarchy. Reactionary tendency of imperialism has showed the fascist state formalization in the condition of monopolist state capitalism in Germany, Italy and many more countries.

Scientific and technological revolution that has showed a vast development expedites the socialization process of production. Moreover, in the domination of monopolism, social inequality increases and the basic conflicts of capitalism gone ahead sophisticatedly. The process of decay and sponging gets deeper.

In the capitalist manner, imperialism that raises social quality of production to the highest level matures material preconditions of socialism. Imperialism is the collapsing stage of capitalism and also the prodrome of socialism.



When the Great October Revolution occurred in 1917, Russia and the foundation of proletariat dictatorship, the era of transition from capitalism to communism had started worldwide. The fact that contradictions among imperialists became sharp in those conjuncture, revolutionary rebellions of masses in colonies and new-colonies, that proletarian actions in capitalist countries speed up and the crucial impact of socialism’s forces caused the fact that worldwide revolution struggle which had increased and gained new dimensions shook capitalist system radically. Proletariat has obtained new supports in its struggle with bourgeoisie.

Socialism had been transformed to a system as a result of the fact that imperialist World War II had finished and fascism had been destroyed in Europe with the dominance of Soviet Union, the foundation of powers with people’s democracy and orientation to socialism through social revolutions had been occurred in series countries in East Europe. Consequence of development of socialism, general crisis and destructive contradictions of capitalism gradually had gained more dimensions. While capitalist world system faced a definite destruction, bourgeoisie has lost its historical initiative on the condition that not to gain again.

The fact that Soviet Union, East Europe, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea proletariats and oppressed peoples entered the way of socialism accelerated national and class emancipation struggles in colonies and new colonies. Masses in colonies provided collapse of colonization system as getting loose their chains. Chains of new colonization are also broken up by the fact that proletariat’s and oppressed masses of revolutionary struggle spreads out in the imperialism’s new colonization relations based on economic dependency.

Practical experiences in Soviet Union and East Europe show that exploiter forces of old capitalist world never give up to try undertaking of bring back the past along the transition process lasting a long period from capitalism to communism. Proletariat ought to continue and strengthen proletariat dictatorship which is a compulsory precondition for transition along whole of this period.

Proletariat revolutions era is continuing. Up to now, rich and various forms of transition to socialism have arisen and masses in different countries will experience new examples of this. No matter how transition from capitalism to socialism takes a form, this transition can only be possible with a revolution.

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