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Bourgeoisie that had led national independence war waged against the military occupation of imperialism and political hegemony of feudalism has realized reactionary bourgeois republic by seizing the power as a consequence of victory. Bourgeois who come to power has not changed the economic presence of imperialism and; while it contacts with imperialism on the base of economic dependency, it liquidated feudalism and gave place them in the bourgeois state hegemony system by taking feudal land monopoly of landowners into the structure of capitalist economy. Capitalist mode of production which substantially abolished primitive way of commodity production leading by petty peasantry in rural and craftsman in urban has prevailed in all areas in a certain process.

Capital that was weak had been strengthened by the state capitalism policy which established a monopoly in the industrial, agricultural production areas together with in the distribution and trade areas; development of capitalism under the hegemony of capital has accelerated.

Capital which is dominant in agriculture has realized segmentation and separation of peasantry; made petty and middle peasantry demolished, made the rest been dependent; has taken petty and middle peasantry under the politic domination of capital. Petty commodity production which has been keeping in agricultural area has become the remains of surpassed feudal production relations. Accumulation of capital in agriculture has caused the formation of agricultural proletariat whose numbers has risen every day in agricultural area by making peasantry population propertyless. Exploitation of agricultural laborers who get less salary than industrial workers do is the precondition of capital accumulation in agriculture.

Capital which has made petty-craftsmen propertyless in urban left the remains face to face with its own economic and politic oppression. Whole petty private property owners in urban have been forced to be propertyless by the consequence of the concentration and centralization of capital; and numbers of proletariat and unemployed have increased with the new comers. While doctor, architect, engineer, technician and all technical personnel that forms an important part of urban population have been made dependent, ones worked as salaried have been made them approach to proletariat and it has been executed their emancipation to tie to emancipation of proletariat.

As child and woman labor was being pulled to social production area, capital which has based on exploitation of proletariat whose numbers permanently increased has been gradually strengthened and centralized.

Capital which has concentrated and centralized in industry, trade and agricultural area has transformed to the monopoly in a certain point of its development. Monopolist capital that has developed on the basis of dependency and collaboration to imperialism has taken all parts of economy under its own domination. Upper and middle capital which has significant economical potential and includes huge amount of proletarian masses have become entirely dependent to monopolist capital. Petty property owners in urban and rural go permanently to non-existence under the economic hegemony of monopolist capital. Exploitation and being held under oppression of working class have concentrated and increased more under the monopolism. Monopolies that hold economic and political power have strengthened and developed.

Monopolist capital not satisfying with the average profit and chases for the highest profit has stamped parasitism to capitalist society by exploiting Kurdish nation and the other nations and giving a part of income it has been obtained from great robberies to bureaucracy, upper classes in educational, cultural and scientific area and trade-unionist worker aristocrats; and made them its own social base.

International finance-capital forces that accelerates deepening and spreading of capitalism in Turkey has strengthened their economic dominances by depending on development of capitalism. International finance-capital oligarchy(financial oligarchy?) that has made Turkey been economically dependent on themselves has also established an exact hegemony on the political structure of Turkey. Contradiction between imperialism exploiting and holding proletariat, peasantry and all peoples under oppression has completely sharpened.

The state of TC (Turkish Republic) which ensures to hold proletariat under oppression by Turkish bourgeoisie has become in reactionary and chauvinistic character. State power of bourgeoisie has taken any reactionaries came from the past into its own structure. Power of bourgeoisie was born and lasted as reactionary bourgeoisie dictatorship.

The state of TC depending on Ottoman despotism and militarism has shaped by the attempting to oppress and genocide of protests and uprisings of working class, Kurdish people, progressive forces and all laborers.

By obtaining economic force, monopolist capital has unified its own reactionary tendency with the existing reactionary structure of the state, and by taking state power and administration to its control, stiffened and strengthened the reactionary chauvinist character of the state.

The state had taken a fascist form by March 12th Military Fascist Dictatorship realized in the conditions of monopolist state capitalism. The fascist structure of state has been institutionalized and strengthened by September 12th Military Fascist Dictatorship. Oppression, torture, investigation, arresting and mass slaughters handling by capitalist class on the proletariat, Kurdish nation, other nations and whole masses has become the institutionalized and fixed policies of fascist state.

As a result of unbalanced development of capitalism, rift between rural and urban areas has become larger; while the peasantry has been deprived of intellectual development, urbanites has been remained of physical development. Furthermore, human life has been permanently gone bad.

The fact that Kurdish nation and all nations were held under pressure, oppressed, exploited, made slavery and the existence of national issue has sharpened the conflicts of capitalism.

Mechanization and automation that were accelerated on the basis of centralization and being strengthened, development in ability of existing machines, saving of agricultural labor force by applying scientific and technical developments caused permanent firings and the fact that unemployment has reached massive and next levels.

Workers from Turkey and Kurdistan who have to work in several capitalist countries out of Turkey are oppressed and exploited by their capitalist classes and states of bourgeoisie.

Concentration and centralization of capital and the more integration of economic structure with capitalist world system in the dependency relations on imperialism have been developing together with impoverishment, exploitation, being taken under pressure, oppression, being made slavery, being not sure of future of proletariat and increase of social inequality permanently.

Antagonistic contradiction between social character of production and private property of means of production has sharpened and intertwined with social contradictions. Thus, monopolistic capitalist system has chained itself to the destructive contradictions.

All of these developments have made a social revolution -that will end political hegemony of monopolistic capital, national oppression and dependency to imperialism; abolish the monopolist and great capitalist property, gradually, whole private property under the proletarian dictatorship- compulsory.

Proletariat who is charged to achieve this duty, has united, been educated and organized in economic struggle having a long past. Class emancipation consciousness of proletariat passing through several stages of class struggle has sharpened and its war capacity has become consolidated.

The victory of revolution in the leadership of proletariat, which has permanently ripened passing through the most hard corners of class struggle, and the defeat of capital hegemony are inevitable.

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