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Proletariat seizes politic power as a consequence of the fact that revolution attains the victory by the alliance of the masses of people. Democratic Power of People which is the power of armed laborer people performs a free atmosphere as realizing People’s Democracy. Revolutionary power founded by revolution based on force runs through revolutionary methods.

Working class undertakes to establish socialism by transforming Democratic Power of People into proletarian dictatorship without suspending revolution. At the transformation stage, Democratic Power of People undergoes the class change and implements class domination of proletariat.

TKEP/Leninist that fights for emancipation of proletariat considers itself on the duty to fulfill these demands and measures that will approach proletariat to its emancipation as follows:


A) In the Political Area

1- Destruction of fascist state; destroying of army, police, courts, organs of bureaucracy, parliamentary, local state organs; transferring whole power to representatives of people.

2- The fact that People Democracy is realized; authority of making law, etc. belongs to Representatives Council of People; all representatives are selected; calling their representatives back right of voters is secured.

3- The fact that a new constitution getting human rights and liberties as base is prepared and presented to approval of peoples.

4- The fact that each officer is responsible for law in front of courts whose members has been elected by people in the face of each person during the work and none of the officer’s salary is not higher than the average salary of an expert worker.

5- Creating the army of people and armed militia people which is going to protect and defense.

6- Freedom of thought, expression, publication, congregate and organization for everyone.

7- Freedom for all political prisoners, inhibition of torture which is a humanity crime; the fact that foes of people who shoot them and torturers are going to be punished; abolishment of capital punishment.

8- Invalidation of qualified martial law, curfew, warfare law, state of emergency law, police jurisdiction law, anti-terror law.

9- Exiting from NATO, extinction of all imperialist military bases and establishments in Turkey and Kurdistan; invalidation of all bilateral or multilateral military and politic agreements.

10- Withdrawal of Turkish army from Kurdistan, Hatay and Cyprus which have been occupied.


B) In Industry, Credit, Trade and Transportation

1- Expropriation of all industrial enterprises and mines in the possession of capital; all enterprises and mines in the possession of imperialism by means of force.

2- To belong administration of industrial enterprises to office councils; to develop industry based on scientific and technical consequences; to meet the basic needs of people and serve the economical development.

3- Expropriation of all private banks, the banks and private financial establishments that belongs to imperialist by the means of force; centralization of all credit transactions in a single central bank.

4- Cancellation of dept whose craftsmen, tradesmen end petty owners of property to banks; convincing and encouraging them in order to become a cooperative and subvention of them for cooperation.

5- Abolition of private full-service wholesaling; making propertyless of great merchants, running domestic trade by means of cooperatives and organizing foreign trade by state.

6- Abolition of indirect taxes; replacement with graduated tax changing according to income status.

7- Expropriation of all road, air and marine transportation fleets in the capital property by means of force, maintenance of all mass transits by the state with people’s democracy.

8- The fact that debts of state T.C. to imperialist countries are not going to be paid.


C) In Agriculture

1- Expropriation of whole private great land property together with its means of production by means of force, transferring them to administration of agricultural laborer council; transferring some of expropriated lands to administration of poor peasantry committees; nationalization of all lands; prohibition of buying and selling of urban and rural lands.

2- Expropriation of all private great stock farm and farm management by means of force; transferring them to administration of worker council.

3- Cancellation of dept whose all petty peasantry’s and poor peasantry’s exploited by capitalists to merchants-usurer and banks.

4- Convincing and encouraging peasantries to become a cooperative aiming to spread collective production in agriculture; subvention cooperatives in forms of credits, mechanization, technique, medication, irrigation, etc; enlarging sphere of influence of collective state farms.

5- To produce based on scientific-technical methods, consciously in agriculture; dissemination of usage of technical equipment increasing labor productivity; dissemination and development of promotive industrial and agricultural industrial enterprises in terms of agricultural development.


D) National Issue

1- Kurdish nation has the national self determination right, including also foundation of independent national state.

2- All national communities themselves have the national self determination right.

3- Security of the exact equality right of all nations and national communities; abolition of official language obligation; struggle against the all ideological forms of chauvinist, racist and national oppression.


E) In Protection of Workers and Social Area

1- Prohibition of child labor whose age are younger than 14; the fact that a workday is going to be 7 hours, 5-day-working in a week is going 35 hours; working in the such works that are harmful to health and hard is going to be decreased to 6 hours.

2- Prohibition of deducting from workers’ salary for whatever reason.

3- Organization of proletariat in trade-unions; participation of trade-unions in the administration of economy; to supply security of unionization freedom.

4- To be worker’s insurance in the administration of workers by means of trade-unions.

5- Struggle for protection of workers’ labor from Turkey and Kurdistan who are working in several capitalist countries.

6- Reorganizing of health care services, enlarging them as in the form includes all masses and spreading the protective health care; expropriation of all private health care services; making all health care services free of charge.

7- Prohibition of woman laborers to work in unsanitary jobs and in night; to be granted leave of absence with pay of pregnant women for 4 months before birth and 4 months after it; to take unpaid leave of absence as much as they want; accepting motherhood as a social service; spreading of kindergarten, child care center and game parks for children; abolishment of social inequality of women and security of exact equality with men; struggle against the all ideologies getting women slavery…


F) In Communication, Culture and Housing

1- Expropriation of private television and other private mass communication means and enterprises by means of force.

2- Expropriation of paper enterprises, paper stocks, press-publish-distribution houses and private media; providing of labors’ development in terms of culture.

3- Expropriation of all private school, courses, culture foundations; making education free; purification of education from all the influences of bourgeois ideology such as chauvinist, racist, reactionary, religious, fascist etc.; reorganization of education on proletarian socialist bases.

4- Purification of schools from the impact of military, police and government; to make universities as democratic and autonomous character.

5- Closing of private sports clubs and establishments and spreading mass sports.

6- Expropriation of great capital construction companies, hotels, motels, guest houses, real estate agents, all technical private offices such as architecture and engineering; housing of workers and laborers in healthy houses and being supplied spaces for them to rest in a healthy environment; arranging rents according to income level of tenant and keeping them low.

7- Prevention of threatens in industry and nuclear industry on nature and social life; taking precautions for a clear and protected nature.

TKEP/Leninist fighting for the emancipation of working class invites all oppressed and exploited people to unite in revolutionary ranks in the leadership of proletariat that is going to rescue themselves; invites to struggle to fulfill the DEMANDS AND MEASURES pointed out in this doctrine.

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