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To Turkey and Kurdistan working class and working people,

The revolutionary campaign announced by the United Revolutionary Movement of the Peoples (HBDH) on 12.10.20 must be embraced.

From the foundation of it, we emphasised that the HBDH should reveal itself as the central revolutionary will of unified revolution.

The revolutionary struggle is entire with whole scopes. The unified revolutionary authority directing and leading the revolution must also take on the task of managing all spheres in coordination. The united struggle couldn't have avoided getting sterile if it had limited itself only to military affairs. From that point of view, October 12th statement is an important step forward, as it covers different spheres of the struggle.

The emphasis on "We Will Overthrow Fascism" in the statement is important. The emphasis on "we will overthrow fascism" rather than the expressions of "regressing fascism" or "defeating fascism" (through peaceful methods, such as elections), which are the expressions of the social reformist standpoint, reveals the revolutionary tendency. Fascism can only be overthrown by a revolution, a revolution with arms.

At this point, according to us, what should be understood from fascism is the power of the whole monopoly capital, or in a word, the fascist state, not the "Palace" or current power's partner parties. The peoples can not get freedom without destroying the entire fascist structure with its army, police, courts, dungeons, intelligence and assembly, and even civilian fascist gangs.

Overthrowing the fascist state which is the apparatus of political domination of monopoly capital is for the seizure of the economic power of monopoly capital. If not, the revolution is left unfinished. Our unified revolution will overthrow the fascist state, establish the power of the peoples, and, via this power, expropriate the monopoly capitalist class. We cannot solve the vital and economic problems of the working class and the poor masses without relying on the wealth that we will seize from the banks and monopolies. Without abolishing the economic sovereignty of monopolies, even if political power is in the hands of the people, it is impossible to improve the living conditions of the masses (as in Venezuela).

It is valuable that the HBDH came to the fore with the motto "We Will Overthrow Fascism" in this revolutionary crisis conditions that fascism is trying to survive with total attack both inside and outside. Workers and working peoples, all oppressed must follow that call. With the unified revolution perspective, action must be taken in all spheres, using all kinds of revolutionary tools and methods, and with the spirit of revolutionary mobilization. The real emancipation of the working peoples is possible only through a unified revolution.

Fascism will be overthrown by a unified revolution, the people's power will be established. The people's democratic power will abolish monopoly domination. Only the peoples' power established by the unified revolution can solve all the basic problems of the working class and poor masses. The freedom of the Kurdish people, the freedom of the prisoners, the end of the oppression on women, the expulsion of imperialist monopolies and NATO, the cancellation of credit debts of the poor, the solution to the problem of unemployment and poverty, free health and transportation, free-scientific education with native language and the solution of many other problems is possible only with the people's democratic power established by the united revolution.

There is no way to prepare for revolution and insurrection except for intense revolutionary practice. The revolutionary campaign of HBDH is paving this way. The revolutionary forces will be steeled and prepared for victory by being tested on battlefields, in the fire. The unification of all the forces of the revolution that could unite will take place not at the desk but in revolutionary practice on the street.

Workers, especially the youth! Forward with revolutionary mobilizing spirit!

Now is the time for revolution!

Long live our United Revolution!

Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Committee


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