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Zionist Israel's desire to expel Palestinians from their home in Sheikh Jarrah district triggered a new uprising. This new wave of attacks that started on May 7 is the continuation of the plan to annex a third of the West Bank. It is the "Peace of the Century" of the USA is such savagery!

The Zionist state, whose existence is a crime against humanity, has been trying to "cleanse" Palestine from the Arabs for decades and moving Jewish “settlers” consisting of racist fascists to the area.
All these plans are not made by Israel alone. It has the US and EU imperialism behind it. Because Israel is the main outpost of the imperialists in the region, is the most valued link of the imperialist-capitalist system in the area and the counter-revolution base of the region along with Turkey. That is the main reason behind the US backing Israel in every UN vote.
It is not only the Zionist regime that faced the Palestinian people, but also the US imperialism and the entire imperialist system. The Palestinian people have been fighting against this enormous power for more than half a century. Against this "multinational" enemy, the most international revolutionary war that history has ever seen is continuing in Palestine!
The Palestinian people are revolutionary! It is one of the peoples paying the heaviest price in history. They have not lowered the flag of revolution down, on the ground, even for a moment while faced the wild enemy armed to the teeth.
They did not surrender during these recent attacks too. All Palestinian revolutionary bodies, especially the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), took action against this latest atrocity. They sent missiles to enemy positions.
The revolutionary Palestinian people know they have no choice but to fight. They know that they can liberate themselves from this terrible hell in which they have been living since the Nakba, only by fighting and leading this revolution to victory. That is why they never surrender despite the heaviest losses. Their head is upright; they are raising the flag of revolution. Their honourable persistence is leading to the international solidarity of all the peoples of the world. The working and oppressed peoples of the world support the Palestinian revolution.
The uprising triggered by the brutal attack in East Jerusalem echoed around the world. There are demonstrations of support for Palestine everywhere, from New York to Istanbul, from Latin America to the Middle East. Israeli brutality protested everywhere. The peoples pour into demonstrations of solidarity with their Palestinian brothers as the exploitative rulers line up behind Israeli Zionism. It is also this international essence that makes the Palestinian revolution invincible!
On the night of May 11, the world saw that the Palestinian revolutionary organizations had gathered their forces. The PFLP and other revolutionary organizations rejected the calls for "ceasefire". Military organizations announced their decision to raise the war with high motivation. The response of the Palestinian revolutionaries to these enemy attacks has terrified the so-called "invincible" Zionist forces. Also, the Zionist cities are now in the line of fire while Gaza scorched with blood and fire. Palestinians living in the occupied territories have already taken the two cities under control.
Panic and fear are now in Israeli ranks! Now, the Zionist administration is knocking on Egypt's door to mediate the ceasefire.
The only response to all international counter-revolutionary forces is strengthening the revolutionary war, the armed popular uprising. Only in this way can the Palestinian revolution bring down the enemy. Initiatives such as "Oslo peace" and "two-state solution" are attempts to deceive the people, of which the Palestinian bourgeoisie is also an accomplice. There is only one solution to the Palestinian problem: the destruction of the Zionist state and the establishment of a revolutionary-democratic Palestinian state in which Jewish and Arab peoples will live together!
The Palestinian people and all the peoples of the world will carry out this fight to victory! That is the judgment of history. History is heading towards a classless world, where there will be no exploitation and no boundaries. The imperialist-capitalist system is collapsing. No matter how much they bully, they will not succeed! Working peoples of the world will triumph!
The day is the day to fight! The day is the day to step forward for action-based international solidarity with the Palestinian people!
Forward! Following the path of comrade Deniz and Lieutenant Ali, on the road of internationalism based on revolutionary action!

Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Committee


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