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The Chairman of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, recently cited Russian President Putin as responsible for the British economy's entry into recession. It's unbelievable stupid but true. Here are his words:

“In case the UK goes into recession, it is Russian President Vladimir Putin, not the monetary policy board, who is responsible.”

Do you see the most aggressive imperialist state which is mad enough to elect someone who declared that she can push the nuclear button as a prime minister?

The motives behind the situation of the British - and the other - imperialists, who are in such insane aggression that can drag the world into a nuclear war, should be the object of serious focus and ultimately exposed.

It is not just the British economy that is in recession. All imperialist economies, from Germany to France, from Italy to the US, have entered a recession, or rather a period of decline which they call a recession.

The UK, for example, is expected to continue raising interest rates, which have reached their highest level in 27 years. Inflation rates are also at their highest in the last forty years. If you look at the economic signs of any imperialist country, you will encounter similar data. You will see that interest rates and inflation figures are at their peak in the last thirty or forty years.

All imperialist governments, without exception, point to Putin and his Russia, who declared war on Ukraine, as responsible for this situation. Imperialist governments statements to their people and the world that Putin is the source of the problems, are an insult to human reason. Understandably, the war has harmed imperialist-capitalist economies.

But first of all, it was British imperialism that wanted and provoked this war; of course, with him are the United States and the others. Secondly, while the war had reached the point of an agreement between Ukraine and Russia in its first months, it was again British imperialism that prevented the agreement and thus wanted the war to continue.

Thirdly, it is the USA, British imperialism and NATO who prepared the ground for this war with the bloody fascist coup in 2014. It was revealed by their confessions and statements that they were preparing for a war against Russia from the coup dates.

Without further ado, we come to the fourth and most important point: The crisis of the imperialist-capitalist economies is neither new nor started with the Russia-Ukraine war. The imperialist-capitalist system went into a permanent, structural and deep depression many years ago. That's why NATO itself, many years ago, described the 21st century as the "Century of Uprisings".

Didn't the Russia-Ukraine war have devastating effects on imperialist-capitalist economies? Undoubtedly it has been and continues to be. But these devastating effects are not unpredictable and incalculable. If you are at war with a state, you cannot expect that state to continue its relations as if nothing had happened. Unless the person lost the ability to reason. Russia is doing whatever she deems necessary to win the war against the states at war with herself; in fact these states are England, the USA and all other imperialist states and their poodles rather than Ukraine.

It is imperialist vanity and arrogance to complain that the enemy is taking some measures while you were preparing the ground for the war with the fascist Maidan coup. It is just in keeping with the character of the British and other imperialists.

But this is just a parenthesis. The main question is why the imperialists provoked such a war. In the short and summary form: Imperialism, above all British and US imperialism, required a destructive war, and they still do (this does not mean, however, that other imperialists are any different).

The source of the need is that the imperialist-capitalist system is in a state of collapse, a revolutionary situation has emerged in the world. The fact is that the working classes and oppressed peoples are in a state of revolt and attack against the bourgeois class in every corner of the world.

The main factor leading to the collapse of the capitalist mode of production is the laws of motion of the capitalist mode of production itself. According to these laws, while capital accumulates in dwindling hands the majority of the world's population is condemned to the abyss of misery. The material causes of the uprisings and revolts of the working classes are thus prepared by capitalist production itself.

The capitalist mode of production has reached the point where it is unsustainable at the level it has reached. The main reason for this is the enormous accumulation of capital in very few hands of the bourgeois class, while the same enormous accumulation results in misery for the workers on the opposite end of the equation. So much so that the monopoly of accumulated, centralized capital has become an insurmountable obstacle to the capitalist mode of production. The obstacle to capitalist production is the big amount of monopoly capital. 

Hence their desperation. This is the main cause of the desperate aggression of London, the centre of global imperialist financial capital.

That is why they need a war of destruction that will wipe out all that belongs to the working class, and socialism, from the earth. The statement of new British prime minister, that she is ready to push the nuclear button, is not just empty words.

On the other hand, it is not limited to London. To maintain their production, the war needs of the US arms monopolies and the monopolies in the industries associated with them are as fierce as London. That's why the USA sends weapons, money, and officers who are making the war plans, and mercenaries to fascist Ukraine.

What about the result? Let hear the result from the mouth of the Secretary General of NATO:

“We are facing a challenging six months; the threat of power outages, disruptions, perhaps even civil unrest”.

Let no one be deceived when this imperialist parasite says "perhaps". It is obvious that the revolutionary mass actions that he calls "civil unrest", signs of rebellion and uprising, strikes and street demonstrations have started in Europe.

Can you see the panic and fear? Moreover, as can be seen, these words belong to the Secretary General of NATO.

See the panic and fear in the NATO Secretary General and the chairman of the Bank of England!


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