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The fascist Turkish state has a new headache after Syria, South Kurdistan, Rojava, Iraq, Libya: it is Cyprus.

It's well known that international capitalist monopolies and some countries were researching natural gases and oil in the eastern sea-shelf of Cyprus. It is not new, has already been going on for some time. Cyprus government is the first at this list researcher countries. However, Cyprus is a small and weak country. She has not enough technique and capital for this issue; needs loans and support of big oil companies. And also she needs backing to protect her from some aggressive countries like Turkey. Cyprus government used a protecting umbrella consist of Israel, Egypt, France (and also EU) and the US.

However, Turkish fascist state and monopolistic capitalist class, as also a vulture that like others, want to make a big bite from this pie although anything was not found yet.

Turkey has been an invader in northern Cyprus for 45 years. And now, the Turkish government claims to have the right to get raw materials like oil, natural gas, etc. in the "Economic Exclusive Area" of Cyprus.

All these noisy fights and barking is created for plunder. The fight is about which bourgeois class should take the biggest part of the plunder in the area.

Is it possible that this dogfight turns into a war between imperialist powers and some capitalist countries? It is known that the sharing between the imperialist powers is done the basis of "force", and there is no way for "force testing" without war. However, some factors suppress the war, unlike the ones that triggered it. For example, the EU doesn't want Turkey to be "destabilised" and despite sanction declared by EU, the trade, including arms selling, between Germany and Turkey rises.

Regardless of how the fight for looting has evolved, it's obvious that the working class and labourers of all countries, including Cyprus, haven't any interest in this plunder war. If the war starts, it will be demanded from all country's proletariat, including Cyprus, to kill their class-brothers in the name of their bourgeois class and their profits; will be demanded from them to shed their blood and to suffer great suffering for benefit of "own" bourgeois classes!

The working class and labourers of any country haven't any interest in this bourgeois fight of loot. There can not be! It is only the bourgeoisie's henchmen who call the working class and the labourers to take part in one side or another. The benefit of the working class of all countries is to eradicate bourgeois supremacy by exploiting the conditions which are the conclusion of this struggle between the bourgeois classes.

Workers need to struggle for own independent class interests. The revolution which would destroy bourgeois rule and pave the way for socialism must be the first. Every struggle that does not put forward the goal of revolution and the seizure of power by the working peoples and postpones it to an uncertain date ultimately falls to the backup of the bourgeois class. The only guarantee of not falling into this inclined plane is to put the goal of revolution and conquest of power to the top.

The bourgeois classes of all these countries calls proletariat to support bourgeoisie in this plunder war in the name of "national interest." The response of the working classes, especially the working classes of Cyprus, to this call should be to raise the struggle for revolution and power. This is the only way of independent class policy.

Cyprus has an important place in this issue due to Turkey's long decades of occupation of the northern Cyprus. The labourers of Cyprus will be the most suffering people in this looting fight when it turns into a war. One hand the things that be plundered are Cyprus own resources, and on the other hand, north of the island is under the Turkish occupy. One side is looters, is invader the other!

The working people of Cyprus can only get rid of this situation with a united, socialist Republic of Cyprus based on full equality of rights. The fighting against Turkish invasion must be intensive and invasion to end. But it is not enough! Only when the bourgeois supremacy is defeated, only the time the proletariat surmounted capitalist society and establish a democratic power which guarantees full equality of rights for all people, Cyprus peoples can be free.

Because the people of Cyprus know that the bourgeois forces are the main sources of the seeds of hostility and hatred among all peoples. Without the destruction of these sources, peoples can not reach to dream of fraternal life built on equal rights.

United, free socialist Cyprus will be built by Cypriots when they break down Turkish occupation and overcome the sovereignty of capitalism. Turkey and Kurdistan proletariat think the liberation of Cyprus is their liberation so they will be supporting Cypriots' liberation struggle in full force.

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