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The fascist Turkish state is preparing to occupy Rojava and Syrian territories in the name of “Safe Zone".

All signs show that the agreement which is reached with the US means imperialists turned on the green light for Turkey's occupation.

It is not possible to know yet whether the fascist state can achieve the occupation action or not. But there is no doubt that their preparations, goals and objectives are to start an invasion. The head of the religious fascist power explained the desire for the occupation by giving the date with the words “We will add a new one to our victories in August."

Pilling up tens of thousands of soldiers, tanks, artillery and military equipment upon the border is enough to show the seriousness of the occupation plan. The fascist state will start this occupation as soon as possible. Because of the invasion of Afrin, Jarabulus, and Al-Bab, the Kurdish people know what means of Turkish soldiers' taking a step to Rojava in any way. We mustn't allow this! Turkish labourers need to take every possible action to prevent these possible attacks caused by their "own state." These actions mean that "their behind is not in safe" for the bourgeoisie. After all, if the war starts, the proletariat must struggle to defeat its "own government."

The religious-fascist power has, in principle, come to an agreement with the US imperialism for the occupation under the name of “Peace Corridor.“ Now the talks with the US imperialism aren't about whether the occupation is allowed or not, but the details of the invasion.

To rely on the US and other imperialists to prevent this invasion is the biggest and fatal mistake! France, Britain and other imperialists, especially the USA, make various promises to deceive the Kurdish people, to ease their anger, and they provide so-called guarantees. On the other hand, they open the way to fascist Turkish state for the occupation.

The fascist state aims to lead religious fascist gangs into the territory of Rojava, to place them there and then to invade these territories based on these gangs. The US and other imperialists have approved this plan under the pretext of “the return of immigrants to their lands”. The people of Afrin know well what it means. Any Turkish soldier, any gang should not any step in Rojava territory; this should not be allowed.

Rojava people in the face of the threat of occupation of Turkey are not helpless nor alone. Rojava people as long as stay on revolutionary attitude and as long as they don't compromise with imperialists and the fascist Turkish state, all peoples of the Middle East, especially the peoples of Syria, will stand with Rojava and Kurdish people against Turkish invasion!

The thing what will stop the occupation of the fascist state, discourage it, break the ambitions of attack is not the calls for reconciliation but the insistence to struggle. Fascism only understands this language.

Revolutionaries of Rojava can unite all peoples of Syria, under the "Democratic Syria, Free Rojava" slogan. They can realize "peoples' struggle union" all over the Middle East. There is no other way to stop the fascist state.

Hitherto the thing preventing the invasion of Syria, including Rojava, is peoples' struggle union against religious gangs and the fascist Turkish state.

The imperialists are not engaged in the freedom of any peoples, but to take of their sovereignty. The US and other imperialists are interested in settling and dominating the Middle East through Rojava; they haven't interested in the freedom of the Kurdish people. These exploiters, who suck the blood of the peoples of the world, always stand with whoever provides this opportunity for them. "Safe zone" agreement reached between the US and Turkey is the latest evidence of this issue.

Peoples should stand up against the invasion and the annexation that will follow. Rojava peoples should show with massive protests they are against Turkey's occupation and they will never let any Turkish military forces to step in Rojava.

This is the main way to stop the fascist occupation and annexation. Reconciliation or efforts to prove “being peaceful" do not discourage fascist aggression, but encourages.

The Peoples of Rojava will not let fascist invasions!

Long Live the Peoples' Struggle Union!

TKEP/Leninist MK

(CC of Turkey Communist Labour Party/Leninist)

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