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Let Us Strengthen The Joint Struggle Against Imperialism, Capitalism, Fascism, Zionism and Reactionary Forces!

Labourer classes and people who are oppressed, exploited and kept under slavery are rising up and revolting against imperialism, capitalism, fascism and reactionary forces all around the world, and fighting for freedom and liberation.

As a result of this growing and intensified struggle, a revolutionary situation has arisen in the Middle East as well as in the world.

The Palestinian people have been carrying out a heroic struggle against Zionism for decades. The people of Kurdistan and Turkey, are putting up a continuous struggle against imperialism, fascism and capitalism for decades as well.

The revolutionary forces and people of Palestine, Kurdistan and Turkey have had a great experience in their struggle until now. This experience is our foundation on the road to victory. Yet, over the same period among the revolutionary forces in Palestine, Kurdistan and Turkey, strong international solidarity has emerged.

Palestinian revolutionary forces helped Turkey’s and Kurdistan’s revolutionary movement giving all kinds of support in the most demanding conditions in 1980, the year a coup d'etat was made and a fascist dictatorship was established.

Revolutionaries from Turkey and Kurdistan fighting side by side, shoulder to shoulder with their Palestinian comrades against Zionism fell to the ground. Comrades Imam Ateş, Mustafa Cetiner who fell to the ground whilst fighting the Zionists in Skeyf Castle(?) located in Lebanon, and comrade Lieutenant Ali (Cevat Saim Çelen) who was immortalized as a result of the bombardment of the Zionists in Baalkek, have been the best examples of international solidarity based on revolutionary action.

The international solidarity among the revolutions of three countries has been shuffled with the blood of the revolutionaries of Palestine, Kurdistan and Turkey.
In recent years, a bloody war has been launched within the plans of the Imperialists-Zionists and the regional reactionary forces, to help the fascist bandits to capture Syrian territory and establish their power.

However, the Syrian people did not let the imperialist-Zionist- regional reactionary ally plans to happen, making a great example of joint struggle. As a result of this joint struggle, now all the occupiers are at the point of withdrawal from Syria.

The recognition of the democratic rights of the Kurdish nation on the basis of full equality of rights will strengthen the joint struggle of the Syrian people against imperialism-Zionism-reaction and occupation. Revolutionary forces of Palestine, Kurdistan and Turkey fighting in this war against the fascist bandits, played a major role in the deterioration of these plans. The Syrian war once again demonstrated the importance of solidarity between the revolutionary forces of the three countries.

In this long period, including the Syrian war, an important experience has been gained in the field of international solidarity, as well as the means, forms and objectives of the struggle. The combined evaluation of these experiences by the revolutionary forces will strengthen our revolutions and shorten the path of victory.

The revolutionary situation that emerged in the world and in the Middle East has created the conditions for the revolution to have a knock-on effect. The impact of any revolution can no longer remain within the borders of the country in which it took place. On the contrary, every revolution that will achieve victory will have a revolutionary impact on the international arena and the revolutions of other countries will gain momentum.

The revolutionary results that will be created by a revolution in the Middle East, in particular, make us to come together and to define a perspective for the future and to discuss political and practical tasks together.
International solidarity is an indispensable condition for the victory of Palestine, Kurdistan and Turkey’s revolution. Therefore, the better our party and party organs organize this solidarity, the more our revolutions will be strengthened and the road to victory will be shortened.

The rapid and practical steps that our party and party organs will take in this regard will strengthen relationships among the working classes of Palestine, Kurdistan and Turkey, will enhance the leadership, the appeal and the dominance of the working class in the revolutionary struggle in every country.

Achieving this goal is vital to the revolution of the three countries. Because of the triumph of the revolution, the political freedom of the oppressed and exploited people and the realization of the full liberation depend on the leadership of the working class.

International solidarity among our revolutions will be developed on the basis of resorting to revolutionary actions and revolutionary means, as in the case of historical examples.

Long Live The International Solidarity Between The Revolutionary and Communist Forces of The Middle East!

Revolution Until Victory!

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Communist Labour Party of Turkey /Leninist

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