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We agree on the negotiation calling of the North and East Syrian forces to Damascus.
Invasion of the northern and eastern territory of Syria by Turkey is a growing danger. The "safe zone" agreement between Turkey and the US shows how the danger big and close.  The occupation of the area by Turkish forces, at the same time,  would mean NATO's invasion of this Syrian territory.

However, this danger can and should be prevented. The Syrian peoples have shown that this is possible. During the Syrian war, the Syrian peoples did not allow the imperialist-Zionist plans to be implemented by giving a great example of joint struggle.
Imperialists and Zionists whose plans failing are now trying to implement a new plan via occupation of Turkey directly. They are not interested in the fate of the Kurdish people. Neither Arab, Armenian, Asuri, Yazidi peoples'. Imperialists aim to set themselves in the area permanently. These plans should be blocked.
The negotiating call of the North and East Syrian forces to the Damascus administration is a powerful step towards the frustration of these plans. Their hand extended to Damascus should not remain in the air. The joint struggle of the Syrian peoples can deteriorate this invasion plan.
The recognition of the Kurdish peoples' democratic rights based on full equality of rights will strengthen the common struggle of the Syrian people against the imperialist-Zionist attempt. It will pave the way for liberating from invaders of Syria if the Damascus administration holds the hand which extended to her.
Therefore, we Communist Labor Party of Turkey / Leninist support the negotiating call to Damascus. Likewise, we call on the revolutionary and communist forces of the Middle East to support this step.

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