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To Turkey and the Kurdistan People!

The US "green light" expected by Turkey to invade and annexation of Rojava has finally been given. US imperialism by withdrawing her soldiers paved the way of occupation and annexation of Rojava by Turkey that means for the Kurdish people to be massacred, immigrated and seized its property.

Thus, the question of whether Turkey's threat to invade standing 2-3 years, now has already become a close, a tangible, a concrete danger.


This war on the way is not your war. The religious fascist power and the fascist state are sending your sons and young people to death for a war that is not yours. This war is a war to feed the rich and the exploiters, to earn big bucks for them, to make their fortunes bigger.

Religious fascists and fascist state power claim that the war on the way is about Turkey's security. They are lying and cheating! This war has nothing to do with the security of Turkey. There is no threat or danger from Rojava for Turkey. On the contrary, it is the religious fascist power and the fascist state itself that threatens the people of Rojava with war, death and destruction every day. Show your opposition to this by raising your struggle in the streets and the fields.


The attempt of occupation and the war in which will be caused by this attempt will not improve your living conditions, in contrast, to aggravate and make it unbearable. War is death and tears, also it means tax, a raise, lack and poverty. Of course, these consequences of the war will not be for the rich, the exploiters, but just for you.

Developments in this direction have already started to emerge although the war has not started yet. To everything that it is from electricity to transportation and taxes, got raise. War means expense, and the religious fascist power will compensate for all the costs of the war from you. Don't let that happen; and raise your struggle against religious fascist power, against the order of exploitation.

Working people, Labourers,

This government who fired thousands of labourers with the Decree-Law, banned the strikes, attacked the miners demanding their rights, boasted of banning strikes, has proven million times that it is a power of riches, of the bourgeoisie.

That is this power is seeking to lift its morale by winning victory over Rojava Kurdish people and other peoples. However, this will not ease the chain of slavery on your neck; on the contrary, it will aggravate even more. If the Turkish fascist power wins, it will have the courage to act more recklessly in the oppression and violence of the working class, the labourers, the youth and the oppressed people. A victory over the brotherly Kurdish people and other oppressed peoples means to be a new and heavy ring added to the chain of slavery around your neck. Do not allow war and occupation; to avoid it, occupy streets and squares.

The oppressed peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan;

The religious fascist power and the fascist state are not alone in this plan of war and occupation. The governments of the major imperialist states, especially the USA, France, Germany and England, stand behind this plan. We know that the US has given the “green light to this plan of occupation and war. But actually, other imperialists are also not against the occupation. They all say “we are sorry, we are worried, we are disquiet" but however none of them is willing to cut the money taps, to impose an arms embargo, to stop trade and to take back investments; they do not even mention them. However, this is the way to stop religious fascist power. They give the message off to the religious fascist power goes on the road by declaring “sadness, worry, anxiety." The religious fascist power understands and assesses this message very well. This is the usual “brotherhood" of the world bourgeoisie against the working classes.

In response to this “brotherhood” of the bourgeoisie, it is time to achieve the peoples' struggle unity and to raise the struggle against imperialists, reactionary and Israeli Zionism on this basis.

The war will cause Turkey's political and economic crisis to deepen. Despite the monopoly capitalist class and the fascist state want to gain morale and power at war, the war will have heavy consequences for the working class. These results will deepen the current crisis and shake the ground on which the religious fascist power and the fascist state set foot.

If the war becomes a reality, prepare to exploit these conditions to break down the religious fascist power, the fascist state, and the monopolistic capitalist system on which it is based.

Our revolution will not recover only the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan but all the peoples of the Middle East, even the peoples of the world from a big enemy.

Stand up against the invasion of Rojava!

Long live the Peoples' Struggle Unity!

Communist Labourer Party of Turkey Leninist

Central Committee



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