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The fascist state and the religious fascist government started the war which they prepare for months, against the people of Rojava. They were waiting for the approval and support of the imperialists to start this war. The US gave the “green light," and the occupation operation was started.

With the war, all the bourgeois forces took action to deceive and poison you with chauvinism.
The CHP, called as bourgeois opposition, is the first one of them. The CHP, as usual, declared its full support for the fascist government and the fascist state in this war of occupation and annexation.
All the pencils of the bourgeois press were lined up behind religious fascist power and the fascist state.
They acted to suppress the ideas of the working classes, to silence those who opposed the war, and to prevent all kinds of opposition to the religious fascist government and the fascist state just at the beginning.
Do not listen to the words of these hyenas, these parasites who continue their lives by licking the bone wastes of the rich table. They are trying to poison working people with nationalist-chauvinistic atmosphere and emotions.
Don't let that happen!
They say this war is your war; they're lying. This war is being fought to protect imperialist interests, to fill the vaults of monopolies, to grab the land.
This war is not your war!
Only the death, blood, poverty, lack will fall to the share of the working class and oppressed peoples from this war. Your share of this war will only be to pay at the expense of the war.
This war is taking place to invade and annex Rojava's territory. This war is being carried out to displace the Kurdish people from their lands, havings and property and to set religious fascist gangs with their families there.
If this step of the fascist state achieves victory, the lands of Syria and Kurdistan, and the lands you live will be an area in which an endless war and conflicts.
The bourgeois forces are trying to conceal their despicable aims as ”national interests”. What they call the “national interests are the interests of the rich, the US, Britain and other imperialists.
Don't let that happen! Take action, rebel!
Mutiny against this power, this fascist state, this exploitative order! Because they are who oppress you, who keep you under pressure and slavery, who condemn you to lack and poverty. Neither your slavery, your poverty, or your suffering will end unless a revolutionary power is established.
Act for your interests, not for the interests of the rich and, the exploiters and the fascist state that protects them and guards them.
Act against the source of the war by providing struggle unity with the Kurdish people and the peoples of Kurdistan. The source of war is this exploitative system; it is imperialists and the bourgeois class. Eliminating this source is the only way of salvation.
They are trying to prevent you from entering this path by poisoning you with nationalist, racist thoughts and chauvinistic emotions.
Don't let that happen!
By opposing the war with action, by fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan peoples, break the game of the bourgeoisie, the exploiters class!
Long live the struggle unity of peoples!

Communist Labour Party of Turkey /Leninist

Central Committee


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