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Our Comrade Sinan Ateş ( Emre Bora ),who waged war heroically against the Afrin invasion attempt of fascist Turkish government, fell in.

Comrade Sinan has become a new example of internationalist warrior tradition of our party starting from Deniz Gezmiş's and lasting by Imam Ateş, Mustafa Çetiner and Cevat Saim Çelen (Lieutenant Ali). He is the “new human”of the generation of heroes who fighting for Palestine in the past and for Kurdistan today and for the oppressed peoples of other lands in the future. He lived as a hero who fought in for a classless and borderless world, who fought in for a social order which human is glorified freed from all chains and be free, and he fell down as a hero.

Comrade Sinan was a Leninst knowing why he is living and fighting what for. In his letter to the party, comrade Sinan reflected his conscious in the words: “as a Leninist warrior, I am honored and excited to take my place in this honorable mission of our party among the volunteer fighters. I will fulfill my duties leninistly. " He has devoted his life to “our peoples and our party”.

Comrade Sinan with this high communist consciousness, volunteered to go to Rojava and receive military training there, then take active positions in the party's military activity. He was aware of the importance of the task he was willing to take for the party and the revolution.

He was aware that a popular uprising was approaching, and that the uprising would not be repeated in June Uprising or October 6-8 Uprising. The uprising which is almost coming up would exceed these uprisings much more and develop as armed uprising of people. That is precisely why the party's warrior character and internationalist character had to be strengthened.

Comrade Sinan who was aware of the importance of the struggle unity of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan, knew that the most appropriate land for meeting these policies and needs of party was the Rojava Kurdistan. Therefore, he volunteered without hesitation to go to the Rojava battlefield to fulfill his international duties as a warrior and to improve the military character of the party.

Our Party is much stronger now with the heroic action of comrade Sinan. Our party's internationalist warrior flag is now much higher with comrade Sinan.

Comrade Sinan, from head to toe revolution, from head to toe was a party. With these words he wrote to the party and his family, he gave a unique example of the faith in the Revolution and of the endless devotion to the party: “My family! If you want to commemorate and keep alive me you should be stand by revolutionaries. Each of my woman comrade is the comrade of you and each of my man comrade is the comrade of you”.

Comrade Sinan was an exemplary personality in his relations as well as his struggle and military personality. Therefore, his military aspect, as well as his relations in everyday life, his hard work, his self-sacrificing personality, was respected. Therefore, not only the comrades of the trenches in which he fought shoulder to shoulder, but also the Kurdish people will not forget him.

The banner of communism carried by comrade Sinan is now rising in the hands of his comrades. The Leninists will carry the warrior internationalist tradition to the future, starting from Deniz Gezmiş to Sinan comrades.

Fighters of revolution are immortal!

Comrade Sinan Ateş is immortal!


February 12, 2018

CC of TKEP/Leninist


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