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Comrade Sinan Ates is Immortal!

Our Comrade Sinan Ateş ( Emre Bora ),who waged war heroically against the Afrin invasion attempt of fascist Turkish government, fell in.

Comrade Sinan has become a new example of internationalist warrior tradition of our party starting from Deniz Gezmiş's and lasting by Imam Ateş, Mustafa Çetiner and Cevat Saim Çelen (Lieutenant Ali). He is the “new human”of the generation of heroes who fighting for Palestine in the past and for Kurdistan today and for the oppressed peoples of other lands in the future. He lived as a hero who fought in for a classless and borderless world, who fought in for a social order which human is glorified freed from all chains and be free, and he fell down as a hero.

Comrade Sinan was a Leninst knowing why he is living and fighting what for. In his letter to the party, comrade Sinan reflected his conscious in the words: “as a Leninist warrior, I am honored and excited to take my place in this honorable mission of our party among the volunteer fighters. I will fulfill my duties leninistly. " He has devoted his life to “our peoples and our party”.

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Manifest of Establishment

To The Working Class and The Revolutionary Public Opinion

The changes and developments that have taken place in the world over the last decade and also have been shaking the status quo in current world and in the Turkish communist movement led to the processes of division, disintegration and separation in almost every direction.

In this period, the word of "the world is changing" began to be used as a fashion in the communist / socialist movement of the world and Turkey and meantime in our Communist Labor Party of Turkey. Now, even when describing the slightest political and organizational event, this "fashion" word was used.

Indeed, the change of the world is objective, real, and concrete. A communist who cannot see this objectivity, reality and concrete, is not be worthy to the name of communist. However, one who obeys to these objective conditions can not be revolutionary, too. Because the underlying idea of Marx, Engels, and Lenin's whole thought is not only to see and expose the objectivity, but to show the ability and willpower to change it. In this sense, as always, today the problem is confronted as follows: Will we be adapt to the capitalist world, to the bourgeois world, to the world of the reformists, or will we work by putting forth a mighty power and a willpower to change this world we have seen and understood all along? The answer to this question most clearly reveals the distinction between reformist-opportunists and revolutionary communists.

The reformists who took over the administration in the communist parties of the socialist countries, which constitute the most important part of the world communist movement, have begun to remove socialism’s gain by giving the first answer to this question. While it was necessary to purify socialism from its weaknesses and to constantly direct COMMUNISM, these reformists tried to destroy socialism’s gains. But these reformist forces will not have enough power to fulfill their honourless task! However, it is impossible to say that this reactionary atempt does’nt affect the communist parties in the capitalist countries.

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