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The Efrin War as a warmest front in the war between revolution and counter revolution has been lasting in a relentless way. Our enemy is not fighting. Yes,not fighting. He’s only trying to proceed through the existing technical superiority and the methods of rascally, each of which is a separate war crime. Even as they enter the villages and towns that they have destroyed with their technical and air superiority, hundreds of Turkish armed forces and its ISIS leftover gangs are scattered to the ground.

The revolutionary forces, against these barbaric forces attempting to invade Efrin, have an epic confrontation with the valiant people of Efrin. There is not one village in which the enemy doesn’t attack and face resistance; there is not one town in which the enemy even takes a breath and doesn’t face resistance!

Efrin is resisting this brutal invasion, backed by almost all the reactionary forces of the world, from Russia to the United States.

Against such a brutal attack, the organized, courageous attitude exhibited by the peoples of Efrin and Rojava, despite the huge losses, is proof of the values and revolution created in Rojava alone.

The Leninist guerrilla is in the proud trenches of this revolution. He is defending the revolution with his blood.

Together with the YPG/YPJ forces, the revolutionary forces we are in and the revolutionaries from the International Battalion are fighting on the same fronts by mixing our bloods each other. We fight to make smile of Avesta, Tirej, Ulaş, Nurhak, Sinan and Taylan forever. Until the end, we will fight by adhering to our slogan Revolution or Death!

Proletarians, Oppressed People, Comrades!

Comrade Taylan Demircioğlu (Kenan Aktaş),fell into the ground by fighting heroically in Efrin. Comrade Taylan has been there since the early days of the Efrin war. With the missile unit led by him, he hit the enemy effectively. He became immortal together with 4 comrades from BÖG (United Freedom Forces) and YPG because of an air strike during an operation.

Comrade Taylan has been in the struggle and Leninist tradition since he was a child. He developed in a well-rounded way, raised his quarrel, and became one of the leaders of Leninist youth. His devotion to the struggle, his theoretical accumulation and the pioneering cadre personality that he constantly develops and deepens, left unforgettable traces in all areas where his hand touches. He never stopped. Finally, while developing and mastering itself practically in our military organization, on the one hand, on the other hand, it has contributed greatly to overcoming the problems we face in this field. His versatility and his insistent, uncompromising attitude in the revolutionary lifestyle have always been an example to the comrades around him.

Comrade Taylan was aware that our new era orientation and shaped goal could only be lived by the cadres who put their hands on it with their practice. He ran to the front trenches for this. He became one of our comrades who took on the tasks of historical importance like comrade Sinan Ateş. Comrade Taylan has made huge contributions to our revolutionary march with what he has performed and created.

With the practice of struggle as a whole, he managed to walk forward and not to drop the Red Flag of our hope as he walked.

Now that flag is in the hands of the Leninist guerrilla!







Leninist Guerrilla Units/ Rojava Command

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