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Days are heavy, days come with news of death. In the war launched by the fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish people for the occupation and the annexation of Efrin, comrade Taylan Demircioğlu (Kenan Aktaş), who fought shoulder by shoulder with the Kurdish people against the fascist state, fell into the ground with a group of trench-comrades.

Comrade Taylan, our party's son, militant, cadre, has been lasting the struggle of revolution and communism in the ranks of our party since the early youth years with great discipline, courage and dedication. He was from head to toe, an example of courage, discipline, self-devotion to revolution and communism. He was a tireless warrior of revolution and communism. He fought professionally and for many years, day and night, to organize the youth in the ranks of the party and win the cause of revolution and communism. He ran where he was assigned, he was ready wherever he’s needed.

Comrade Taylan is a “new human” who belongs to the generation of heroes fighting for emancipation of world proletariat and oppressed people,for a world without borders and classes. He knew what he was living for, what he was fighting for, and what was waiting for him at the end of this road. He fell into the ground as a hero walking on death like Deniz, Yusuf and Seyit.

Our loss is great, our sorrow is endless. But no mourning, no lamentation. We are steeling ourselves with the blood of our comrades fallen into the ground from Deniz to Taylan. This is the warrior party of the proletariat, rising above the sea of blood!

Monopolistic domination is shaken, the fascist state collapses. The suffering is the birth pangs of the new society. We know that this system of exploitation and oppression will not go away on its own without causing great suffering to the working class, oppressed peoples, the proletariat of the two countries. He will not accept to go to the dump of history without using his chance to survive and stand and to cause great suffering to humanity until the end of his life. We know, “the place we want to reach will be reached in blood.”

Comrade Taylan went on Efrin with with this consciousness to fight shoulder by shoulder with Kurdish people against the imperialism, fascism and capitalism. Just like his comrade Sinan Ateş. He’d written after comrade Sinan : “ ‘There isn’t a life story of poets; the life story of them is their works’ says Octovia Paz. What about the life story of revolutionaries? The story of the warriors we don’t know their names ,fighting for a better world,for a better future, almost everywhere in the world?How should be narrated the tireless labourers of the most invisible but necessary works, who are the relentless follower of his dreams?When you want to narrow a revolutionarist, a warrior, what else can you say about his endeavor and his struggle for his ideals?It is such a journey that your first fight and your first victory is against yourself. Those who can't win there don't have much to say in this adventure.”

How many times did He win this victory from his early youth years until his last breath? How many times has he broken the “heavy chain” wanted to be put on his neck?Therefore, in the adventure of emancipation from the classes and borders of humanity, his name will be forever, as a hero. Like Blanque, the lion of the French proletariat, Sverdlov of the Russian proletariat.

We don’t lament, we don’t mourn. We're steeling with the blood of our immortals. We are reshaping and reshaping the warrior Party of the proletariat; we are preparing for that great victory. When we sew the victory flag of revolution to the castle towers of the bourgeois system ,our comrades from Deniz to Taylan, will be waving upon us like a flag hoisted in a flagstaff.




March 12, 2018

CC of TKEP/ Leninist

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