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The President of the US and his loyal dog in the Middle East, Netanyahu, revealed the broad beans in their mouth and announced the plan they called the "Agreement of the Century."

There is no surprise, everything was as expected from them: What they call the "Deal of the Century" is, in fact, the plan for the liquidation of the Palestinian people's liberation struggle, the freedom fight, even the Palestinian People themselves.

The plan which was declared with great bourgeois arrogance aims to protect the Zionist Israel, to protect it, to secure it and to expand its borders by adding new lands. It has once again emerged that Israel is a focus of the war in the Middle East. Israel is a war machine that brings blood and death to the peoples of the Middle East; a machine that needs to be broken and eliminated.

The efforts of US imperialism and loyal dogs like Israel and reactionary Arab states in the Middle East are in vain. The US imperialism when it was the strongest was not able to subjugate the Palestinian People, was not able to suppress the Palestinian revolution and was not able to overcome the war of freedom and liberation of the Palestinian People; so, it won't get results from this last effort! Their plans and designs will be part of the garbage of history.

The solution to the "Palestinian Question" is the establishment of a democratic Palestinian State, which also includes the Jewish people by the triumph of the Palestinian revolution. There was no state called Israel in history; it will not happen in the future!

Any plan of the US imperialism has not been successful in the past two decades. This is not a coincidence. It's a result of US imperialism being in the process of collapse. The plan they call the "Deal of the Century" will also experience the same fate as the other plans, too.

But this will not happen spontaneously! The massive and decisive struggle of the peoples of the Middle East is imperative to disrupt the US plans that bring nothing but death and blood to the peoples.

To this end, we call on all the peoples of the Middle East and working classes to solidarity with the Palestinian People and to fight against reactionary fascist states in the region, the US and Israel.

We call on the revolutionary forces and working-class of Turkey and Kurdistan to take action and fight against the US-Israel's plan! We call for the development of full and action-based international solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Communist Labour Party of Turkey /Leninist

Central Committee


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