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The proletarian revolutionary party of Turkey and Kurdistan, TKEP/Leninist, has reached thirty-three years of struggle.

As our Party, which has its roots in the revolutionary turning point of 1971 led by Deniz Gezmis and his comrades, enters its thirty-fourth year of struggle, the world is undergoing crucial changes; the collapse of the imperialist-capitalist system is now apparent to all and the conditions for social revolution are ripening.

The imperialist-capitalist system is under attack from exploited, impoverished working people worldwide. Poor people in Africa are rising up against imperialist governments and their local collaborators. The fall of these later governments drives imperialists out of these countries.

As is the case across the world, Turkey and Kurdistan are undergoing a period of instability. The monopoly capitalist class increasingly has no other option than violence to ensure its survival.

Despite turning to all the instruments of power at their disposal, the fascist government and religious-fascist regime cannot suppress the struggle, resentment and anger of the working class, wage laborers, the Kurdish people, and the impoverished masses. Every attack by the system finds an answer in counterattacks by the social forces of revolution.

In these conditions, our Party, TKEP/Leninist, has proven itself to be the only revolutionary communist party with the politics and strategy capable of bringing about a united social revolution. The proof of this can be found in the revolutionary strategy that our Party followed during the general election and presidential election, the theoretical and political approach to the collapse of the imperialist-capitalist system that we have developed, our political line of support for the people of Donbas in Russia´s war against imperialism and fascism and our insight regarding the new age that is shaped by social revolutions, the basis of world history.

While all of the social reformist parties and parties of compromise parties were lining up behind the reactionary-fascist bourgeois opposition in their election strategies, our Party stood for a politics independent of the bourgeoisie, a politics based on the class interests of the proletariat.

Social revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan finds expression in our Party`s politics. Our Party stands for a united revolution.

In this period, the accuracy of the slogan the revolution is us, we are the revolution was underscored once more.

We saw again that a united social revolution in both countries can and will be successful thanks to the politics and revolutionary strategy developed by our Party! In this sense, the existence of our Party is the guarantor of a united social revolution.

Certainly, there is no such thing as an easy victory! United social revolution will be achieved through the leadership of both nations´ working classes. But this victory, that is to say, seizure of political power, is only possible if the forces of social revolution follow the path of our Party`s revolutionary politics.

During the last elections, the social reformist parties that allied themselves with the bourgeoisie opened the eyes of the working class and Kurdish people to the poverty of the politics of compromise. At the same time, the paths of the bourgeois forces diverged, showing that the TKEP/Leninist Party is the only party of a united social revolution.

All current conditions and the proven political superiority of our Party in every matter show that we are on the threshold of a revolutionary turning point.

As our Party enters the new year of struggle at a political advantage and with high morale, we are confident that it will be a breakthrough year!

It is time to translate this potential into practical reality, into a living, breathing concrete event. It is time for our Party, TKEP/Leninist, to expend great energy, dedication and bravery in order to strengthen the ties between the working classes, working people, impoverished masses and youth of Turkey and Kurdistan in every walk of life!

Now the immediate duty of every Leninist is to spread our Party`s politics and ideas that express these politics to the working class, laboring masses, youth, women, Kurdish people and impoverished masses.

Now is the time for the slogans, politics and ideas of the Leninist Party to reach factories, schools and the homes of impoverished working people. Now is the time to struggle with boundless energy in order to reach this goal.

Frontline revolutionary workers, revolutionary youth, revolutionary women:

Gather around the flag of TKEP/Leninist! The superiority of the revolutionary strategy and politics of our Party, the only revolutionary party in Turkey and Kurdistan, has been proven! You owe it to the revolution, to the working class of both countries and to history. One more time:
Now is the time for revolution!

The revolution is us, we are the revolution!

Long live TKEP/Leninist!



Central Committee

September 1, 2023


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