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The revolutionary class party of the proletariat, TKEP / Leninist, is stepping in its 30th anniversary under circumstances which Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East are shaken by revolutionary events.

We are passing through in the situations which are very suitable for a revolution not only in Turkey and Kurdistan but in the entire world; the conditions which because of proletarian and labourers’ revolutionary actions, bourgeois power is being shaken and in difficulty to standing; the circumstances in which imperialist hegemony is collapsing. The revolutionary storm ravages the entire earth.

The human history is disintegrating, disrupting and eventually eliminating all obstacles that stand in its way, as it moves towards communism. This irrepressible marching of humanity towards communism is the thing that is behind the present revolutionary storm, spreading from Latin America to Africa, from there to Asia and Europe. The human history is being in pain of transition to a new step of the history ladder, transition to a new phase. Today the sufferings of humanity are these travail.

That expropriated are rebelling all over the world to expropriate the expropriators.

However, the barriers to this unstoppable flow of history are not just resistance of exploiters and parasites. The petty-bourgeois political forces who gradually came to the line of reconciliation with the bourgeoisie after remaining in a revolutionary line in the 70s and now do their best to reconcile the working class with the bourgeoisie are also serious obstructions to this flow. Moreover, these forces are a much greater impediment because by wearing the mask of “socialism,” they can deceive, distract, and mislead the labourer masses about their real enemies.

The proletariat, the working class, the dispossessed can get rid of these impediments only under the leadership of a revolutionary communist party. Just a party, which base revolutionary position of proletariat, which decisively continuing the proletariat's independent class policy and struggling with determination in all aspects of life against the bourgeoisie, can lead the proletariat to ultimate victory. Such a party, however, can shorten the pains of mankind's transition to communism; may reduce pain. Those who stand up for a new world against imperialism and capitalism need such parties.

There is such a party in Turkey and Kurdistan! This party is the Communist Labour Party of Turkey / Leninist. TKEP / Leninist, who entered the 30th year, has proved that it was such a party at every stage of the history of class struggle.

There is such a party in Turkey and Kurdistan! This party is the Communist Labour Party of Turkey / Leninist. It left 29 years behind with full of struggle. It has roots dating back to the 1971 armed rebellion. TKEP / Leninist, who entered the 30th, has proved that it was such a party at every stage of the history of class struggle.

Our Party, TKEP / Leninist, derives its strength from the scientific Marxist-Leninist worldview, from revolutionary ideology on which based on the scientific worldview and from the history of struggle extending to Deniz Gezmis and his comrades.

Our party purified from the social reformist tendency on its ranks on September 1, 1990. That strengthened the revolutionary class party character of our party, opened the way for it to deepen its scientific worldview and revolutionary ideology based on Marxism-Leninism.

That, it was the founding date of our party. Our party, with its revolutionary policies at every stage of the class war, with its slogans and with the revolutionary goals aiming at working-class of Turkey and Kurdistan, has proved to the friends and foes that it is the party of the revolutionary class in this long history of struggle.

Today the revolution has become a current issue in Turkey and Kurdistan. The united revolution is contemporary. The proletariat of both countries, the labourers and the poor are taking action against the monopolist capitalist order, and struggling with determination against this order. It doesn't work that social-reformist parties effort to reconcile the social forces of the revolution with the capitalist system.

The role of our Party in the class war has become decisive. The working class may use this historic opportunity as unite around the Party banner and destroy the fascist state, or continue to live under exploitation, oppression and slavery for a long time.

Because of these conditions, class-conscious revolutionary pioneer workers face historical responsibility to unite under the Party banner, to carry the Party flag everywhere, to introduce the slogan and goals of the Party to the labourer masses.

The cadres, members, sympathizers and supporters of the Leninist Party must work with endless energy to carry the flag of the Party to the working masses, factories, schools, poor-working peasants.

Once again and always:

Long Live TKEP/Leninist

Long Live the Proletarian Internationalism!

Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Commitee

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