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The imperialist thug states led by the USA are fueling a bloody war against the people of Donetsk People's Republic (DNR), Lugansk People's Republic (LNR) and Russia.
British imperialism is directly involved in this warmongering. NATO, as an aggressive war organization, is also.

The imperialist states drag and encourage collaborator states such as Ukraine, Turkey and Poland to enter this war and push them to step up. These collaborator states grappling with economic and political crisis, and civil war in their lands, are willing to fight on the front line in the war that will extend from Crimea to the north of Russia.

If the imperialists dare to start a war against Russia, this war will be imperialist. However, this will be a different type of war than the classical imperialist wars of sharing we have seen in history.
In such a war, among other objectives, the primary aim of the imperialist states is to destroy everything about socialism in the former Soviet lands, to overthrow the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, and to bring to power the bourgeois forces loyal to them in Russia.

The imperialist-capitalist system is collapsing. US imperialism, the leading power in this system, is losing its hegemony over the world. Revolts, uprisings and revolutions against imperialism and capitalism are emerging all over the world. The proletariat all over the world and working peoples have risen against capitalism.

Humanity has entered a new phase, the age of moving from capitalism to communism via social revolutions. The imperialist thug states had started a global civil war against the proletariat and working peoples at the beginning of the century to change this situation. The proletariat and the working peoples responded to this attempt with revolts, revolutionary mass actions, uprisings and revolutions. Riots and revolutions are everywhere now!

The imperialist states, which failed to achieve results from the global civil war, are preparing for a world war against communism, the world proletariat and the working peoples a war which will spread all over the world from the DPRK to the DNR. The world working class and the Russian proletariat which is a part of it, longing for socialism, protecting the socialist culture and variety rich values of the socialist experience, are the biggest obstacles to the imperialists' goals.

If the imperialist plunderers are willing to start a war, its goal will be is to eliminate the defenders of socialism and root out working and labouring peoples’ hopes and dreams of communism. By doing so, they aim to keep the capitalist system of production on its feet and believe that they will be able to continue feeding off the blood of the people of the world.

But they will face the opposite results from what they expect. Hitlerian fascism had attacked the Soviet peoples to destroy socialism. When German fascism went to the garbage of history, paving the way for a third of the world to transition to socialism. This time it will pave the way for socialist power in many countries, notably in Russia and many former Soviet countries.

Now, of course, we are not in the same context. Circumstances have become more suitable for the move of the whole world to communism. The revolutionary situation has spread to all imperialist-capitalist countries. The material conditions are ripe for communism around the world. The proletariat, the poor, oppressed peoples everywhere, including the USA, are in revolt against their bourgeois governments, against the rule of the bourgeois class. Civil war has spread to the US territory, which is the leader of the imperialist-capitalist system.

Communist forces in Turkey and Kurdistan, workers and labourers will fulfil their duties of internationalist solidarity by taking up revolution and communist war against the fascist state, sure to take side of the imperialist camp during a possible war.

In case of war, our slogan will be "turn your weapon on your bourgeois government"!
The peoples of Donetsk-Lugansk-Russia and the world proletariat will be victorious!
The imperialist-capitalist system will collapse; humanity will move towards communism!


Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Committee


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