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The globe is trembling as the people and working classes of the world stride towards action and revolt. The world is on its feet! We are at the dawn of a new era.

A movement starts in one place and quickly spreads. After brief periods of calm, new movements emerge. The uprisings are expanding and developing, and in each iteration the masses reach a new level. In this manner, the last quarter century has been a time of ceaseless leaps forward.

Every continent has seen increasing rebellions and worker uprisings in all of the chief capitalist countries. Objective social revolution has set down roots and gained strength everywhere. In some places, workers have overthrown the established order. In “a chain of revolutions” many capitalist dictatorships were overthrown, and fundamental democratic changes took place.

In this time of sudden transitions, humanity suffered markedly from the lack or weakness of Leninist parties, strong drivers of change. Many movements which were on the verge of victory couldn’t make the final leap because of the weakness of parties firmly committed to revolution. They couldn’t win the decisive victory over capital.

The COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened the depression of the capitalist system. It brought all the pretexts for crisis together under its tent and prepared the system’s funeral.

The system is crumbling piece by piece. Faced with life or death problems, the inability of wealthy capitalist societies to solve these problems is clear for all to see, as is the fact that capitalism is the enemy of people and nature. Equally as clear is the practical and moral superiority of socialist nations.

At this historical junction, the economic and political crisis in Turkey and Kurdistan is growing deeper. The conditions are becoming ripe for social revolution. The monopoly capitalist class is preparing for a popular uprising by strengthening methods of force and repression, and by developing new armed units.

While turning against the working class, laborers, the Kurdish people, and revolutionary democratic forces, the theocratic-fascist government is beating the drums of war on all fronts.

An international war is closer than it has ever been in history.

Under the current historical conditions where objective revolution is gaining strength across the globe, a great many things now depend on communists’ will to press forward and the fearless decisions of the proletarian revolutionary party. Revolutions are sacred days for poor people and workers. Realizing it is the raison d’etre for every communist party. These are times which call for great courage, loyalty, decisiveness, and struggle undertaken at the cost of great sacrifice.

Following 30 years full of struggle, the proletarian revolutionary party TKEP/Leninist is approaching this year of struggle with such a consciousness and direction. These revolutionary and historical conditions bring equally great duties and responsibilities to the party’s cadre, members, sympathizers, and supporters.

The revolutionary conditions which are ripening in every sense demand of us boundless loyalty, energy, and full commitment to the struggle. We can only move forward with the work of a cadre that does exactly what is necessary and bears its historical responsibility with all its strength.

We find ourselves in a period where we can advance only with a cadre that is equipped with a spirit of resistance that is stronger than ever, dedication that is greater than ever, and whose whole identity is bound to the struggle and revolution.

The uprisings brought about by a period of repression which has left society exclaiming, “I can’t breathe!” can be seen on the horizon. The atmosphere of rebellion has reached an intensity which is clear to the eye and can be felt with the hand.

Now, duties which require consciousness and courage await us.

To prepare for the uprising is the primary duty and responsibility.

To prepare for the uprising means, above all else, carrying the Party’s flag at every factory, workshop, in every neighborhood and school.

To prepare for the uprising means bringing the Party’s politics, slogans, and thoughts to the working class, the laboring masses, the Kurdish people, oppressed people, and impoverished rural populations.

To prepare for the uprising means uniting class-conscious revolutionary vanguardist workers, workers, students, rural youth, and especially the most progressive female forces under the Party’s flag.

To prepare for the uprising means organizing the necessary tools of revolution amongst one’s own class and all revolutionary forces and working with great energy and belief to spread them.

The Party is everywhere and so are the Party’s slogans! This is the goal and guiding thought the Party will show to us in the new year of struggle. The Party has come to where it is today through the committed struggle of our cadre and supporters. Now is the time to crown this struggle by having the proletariat, oppressed peoples, and exploited, impoverished masses elevate the Party to the status of leader.

We know the way to save great humanity from a historic destruction and we will not allow this destruction. We will direct the flow of history.

The strength, courage, and consciousness to accomplish this is more than present in the combined forces of the Party.

Long live the proletarian revolutionary class party!

Long live the TKEP/Leninist Party!

Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Committee


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