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THE PROGRAM OF TKEP/L ( Communist Labor Party of Turkey/Leninist)



While capitalist mode of production proletarianizes vast majority of society more, at the same time, also creates revolutionary force that will abolish it.

Consequence of concentration and centralization of capital, development of international trade and its transformation to imperialism which is the last stage of capitalism, capitalism becomes widespread and condenses deeply and widely; as a result of this, while capitalism becomes ripe for proletariat revolutions; it also trains and unifies proletariat that will achieve the revolution through its own mechanism.

In all capitalist countries in which society has separated two hostile camps as bourgeoisie and proletariat, antagonistic class contradictions are getting deeper and class struggle gradually becomes harder.

Class movement of proletariat in all countries whose interests are same, gains more international character. International proletariat movement in an exact class solidarity and unity has passed in hard and concentrate struggle that has lasted for decades. Struggle of social emancipation which proletariat wages in all capitalist countries of world, spreads and rises gradually.

Proletariat of Turkey and Kurdistan is a platoon of the army of international working class. Proletariat of Turkey and Kurdistan wages struggle for self class emancipation on the basis of class solidarity with proletariat of all countries and struggle mentality.

TKEP/Leninist that was established to get this struggle of Turkey and Kurdistan’s proletariat reached its aim is a revolutionary class party on which proletariat should be based. Emancipation struggle of proletariat based on revolutionary-communist organizing condenses and rises.

This program of revolution, is showing the way of reaching communism to proletariat.

TKEP/Leninist is based on revolutionary doctrine of marxism-leninism in its theoretic and politic studies and its practice.

The aim of TKEP/Leninist is to abolish classes and class domination.

TKEP/Leninist which pointed out clearly that it will achieve its aim solely by the way of revolution, wages a resolute struggle against the reformism, opportunism, revisionism and all deviated ideologies that divert proletariat’s target in this struggle.



Capitalist mode of production that emerges from commodity production finds its concrete expression in the fact that the means of production is in the private property of capitalists and wage workers are exploited. Capitalism that transforms producers to proletariats and means of production to capital creates revolutionary force which is going to realize its own destruction as turning vast majority of society into wage workers. Capitalist state that behaves modern capitalist society’s grounds as a politic domination tool of bourgeoisie, holds proletariat under pressure.

Capitalist private property, that takes away producer from its personal property converts to its own negation by the impact of its own economic laws. The fact that means of production and production itself gradually gain a social quality, capitalist relationship internationalizes, capitalism is transformed to a world system and a concentric development with getting whole people involved into the network of world market progress by masses become more proletariat and capital centralizes concentrically. With this progress, capital domination begins to tie down for productive forces that develops under the its own domination. As a result of concentration and centralization of capital; misery, oppression, slavery, degeneration, exploitation also increase vastly. In addition, revolutionary rebellion of proletariat whose numbers permanently increase and who is being educated, united and organized by the mechanism of capitalist production process widens and spreads.

Socialization of labor and concentration of capital progress together with anarchy in social production and the fact that antagonism between bourgeoisie and proletariat is reproduced at a higher stage comes to the forefront and sharpens.

Concentration of means of production and socialization of labor, gradually, creates a conflict with capitalist social relationship. A social revolution that will abolish capital domination has become compulsory. Capitalist private property will be transformed to public property by revolution.


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