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They have their fingers are on their triggers in the Eastern Mediterranean. The region is on the verge of a war, and it’s impossible to say beforehand how much it will spread and which countries will be pulled in.

This is a war of plunder and a resource war. It is an unjust war. The grievance of all parties is looting the resources found under the Eastern Mediterranean. The issue underlying the war itself is to decide to how much each country will get from this smash and grab.

Each nation preparing for war is eager to take the biggest share and has all its soldiers, equipment and war planes standing ready.

In this resource war, looting and plundering, the working classes, laborers, and oppressed people of all nations can expect only blood, tears, pain and death.

Regardless of which nation or group of nations we consider, the bourgeoisie of that nation (or group of nations) will line their pockets with dollars.

The working class, laborers and poor people will continue to struggle with hunger, poverty, and misery. This unjust resource war will push the workers, laborers, and impoverished people of all countries further into misery and poverty. This war means increased unemployment and more painful destruction.

The bourgeois classes of all the nations behind this war desire we meet this fate just so their safes overflow with money. This is why they want our own blood and the blood of our children to flow. This is why they want the children of nations united in brother hood to kill one another.

These imperialist-capitalist nations talk about the “just allocation” of the riches of the Eastern Mediterranean. Yet “just allocation” amongst imperialist-capitalist states is a question of strength.

An imperialist-capitalist nation knows only one way to prove its strength: through war. There is no other way for these states to measure their strength.

This is why it’s inevitable that this dispute over the sharing of resources amongst states under imperialist-capitalist hegemony will result in war; if not today then tomorrow.

There is a way to prevent this war which will only bring us great pain. It is the path of the revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeois classes, who are the cause and masters of war, and establishing the rule of the working class and laborers.

War is not prevented by saying no to war. The large demonstrations which used this slogan couldn’t prevent the occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, or Libya. The bourgeoisie of Turkey, Greece, France, and the other countries lunging at the riches of the Eastern Mediterranean like starved wolves can’t be stopped only by an anti-war program alone.

Only revolution can stop them. Only the fear of losing power to the working class and laborers can stop them. All historical experience and all of the great wars have proven this time and time again.

Our party calls the working class of Turkey and Kurdistan to this path, the path which the proletariat of Greece, France, Cyprus, Egypt and all other nations must take.

In this war which is likely coming, let us point our guns not at the children of our brothers and sisters but turn the on our ‘own’ governments.

We know what war means for working classes and impoverished people. In the event war breaks out, the proletariat of every nation should use the conditions to overthrow their ‘own’ government with a revolution.

War will mean that the conditions will be more than ripe to destroy our ‘own’ governments and our ‘own’ bourgeois class. Let us organize guided by this revolutionary goal, the path of revolution which alone can save us from war!

Down with resource war!

Long live proletariat internationalism!


Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Committee


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