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On the morning of October 7th, the zionist Israeli government opened its eyes with horror. Palestinian fighters were entering its military bases and the homes of officers, taking cities under control, taking soldiers and officers hostage. They were seizing tanks, military vehicles, equipment, and weapons.

In short, the people of Palestine had taken their struggle for liberation to zionist “Israeli soil.”

This was a first in the history of the zionist Israeli occupation.

Our party, TKEP/Leninist, has been on the side of the Palestinian people. From the time of Deniz Gezmiş and his comrades until today, we have stood in revolutionary international solidarity rooted in action.

Our comrades Imam Ateş and Mustafa Çetiner fell at the Shkeyf (Beaufort) Castle while fighting against the zionist Israeli army. Our comrade Cevat Saim Çelen, known by Palestinian warriors as Lieutenant Ali, gave his life in Baalbek as the result of a zionist Israeli bombardment.

The blood of revolutionary communists from Turkey and Kurdistan has flown together with the blood of Palestinian warriors.

The heroic people of Palestine, at the cost of great suffering, have now brought the war to territory under the control of the zionist Israeli state. In doing so they have begun a new chapter in the Palestinian revolution.

This is a watershed moment in history from which there is no turning back. No matter what atrocities the Israeli state may commit in its current state of horror.

The blow that the heroic people of Palestine have struck against zionist Israeli is also a huge blow to the USA and all of the imperialists.

The impact of the Palestinian revolution isn’t limited to Palestine. The Palestinian revolution is one of the most international of struggles and its effects are beginning to be felt around the world.

It’s not for nothing that the imperialist states are rabidly attacking the Palestinian revolution and the turning point the Palestinian forces’ offensive has created. They know that the brave actions of Palestinian fighters will inspire oppressed people across the world.

The Palestinian revolution, just like those in Kurdistan, Rojava, and Turkey will be victorious thanks to international solidarity.

The working people of the world are standing up for the Palestinian revolution!

Our party TKEP/Leninist supports the courageous people of Palestine and the Palestinian revolution with all of our strength!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live the Palestinian Revolution!

Savra savra hatta al nasr!

Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

Central Committee




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