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The imperialist countries headed by America and the reactionary states of Latin America have begun a new attack in order to overthrow revolutionary power in Venezuela that is aiming at socialism.

They announced with great arrogance that the revolutionary government and Venezuelan’s president Maduro is not recognised anymore by them who has great support of majority of Venezuelan People.The European imperialist caught the tail of the United States, throwing the veil of democracy, in which was makeshift on their faces.

From the US to the reactionary fascist states of Latin America, from there to the European imperialist, all of enemy of socialism of the World, anti-communists, as a disgusting slurry, enter into a alliance against the revolutionary government of Venezuela, its working class and laborer people.

This is a declared war against the revolutionary government of Venezuela, the working class, the laborers.

In Venezuela, the ongoing struggle between the working classes and the bourgeois class, as their political representatives, between the revolutionary government of Venezuela and the counter power is a civil war in reality.

The revolutionary government of Venezuela must see and accept this fact and fight against its enemies according to the rules of civil war. Between the working class, impoverished folk and the bourgeois class; this ongoing war between political and military forces of these Powers, can not win and be end with peaceful, negotiation, “constitutional ways”, or in search of legitimacy. The only way winning this war is to crush the enemy with the power of weapons.

There is no middle way!

For this, the necessary possibility and power is in the hand of the revolutionary government of Venezuela . The impoverished laborers, working class and communist party of Venezuela announced that to be stand by the power of Bolivarian. The army reiterated its loyalty to the Bolivarian government. The missing one is determination. And we know that in a war the most deadly mistake is indecision.

We believe that in order to win prolonged civil war, and now the war is declared by imperialist, the revolutionary government of Venezuela will go forward, mobilize impoverished working people, working class and its army to destroy all resistance point of enemies. For this, firstly a freak who called the National Assembly must be broken up.

To confiscate the wealth, money, banks, factories, and lands of the capitalists is the main way of cutting their life vessels. We know since the Paris Commune 1871, a teeny indetermination about this, had caused defeat of revolutionary Powers, impoverished people and the working class. The revolutionary government of Venezuela should not permit this, go forward with determination,and these precautions were delayed until now must taken to win this war.

The imperialists and the puppet states at their disposal did not hesitate to end democracy game because they thought “now is the time of the attack, and they declared that constitutional power is not recognised by them. Bolivarian power should not continue more a mistake of allowing to play democracy game who has done until now, and should begin to give counter-revolutionary, imperialist and the internal bourgeois enemy a taste of their own medicine. Every delay in this issue allows the enemy to organize, arm, and strengthen its status and preparation.

The balance of power is in favor of the revolutionary government of Venezuela, which has received the support of the impoverished people , the working people, the working class, the army. The decisive steps to crush the enemy will gain the support of the world proletariat, the working people and the oppressed.

The revolutionary government of Venezuela can crush the counter-revolution by bringing the impoverished people, the working class, the workers, the militia forces into the streets; It must be crushed. It does not destroy any power based on the revolutionary energy of the masses. The whole point is to expose this revolutionary energy and to use necessary way and methods decisively for this purpose.

We believe that the revolutionary government of Venezuela will do so, crush the counter-revolutionary forces, and that socialism will emerge from this struggle as more powerful.


Down With Imperialism and Collaborator Putschist!

All The World to The Labour

Long Live The Proletariat Internationalism!


The Central Committee of the Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist


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