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The Fascist state (the fascist state of Turkey) declared it would begin a new battle and a military occupation against working people in Rojava. The fascist state that invaded Cerablus, El Bab and Efrin recently, is preparing to bring blood and death to Kurdish people and all of the working people who live in Rojava.

Fascism means war, expansionism, invasion and annexation. The fascist state and religious fascist government did not need to hide their intentions and goals. They attack South-Kurdistan, North-Kurdistan and they expand their war and military occupation movement to new regions against the people of Rojava.

The USA and all imperialist states stand by the battle plans of the fascist state of Turkey; open or hidden, the fascist state of Turkey has been supported by them. The fascist state and the religious fascist government can find power to challenge working people because of support of the USA, European and other imperialist states.

The USA and other imperialists give all kind of support to the fascist state of Turkey and the religious fascist government of Turkey to be able to extinguish fire of revolution in Turkey and North-Kurdistan. All people of the world already know how the fascist state of Turkey has been supported by German state by weapons, finances, technology and a lot more.

Recently American imperialism has approved the sale of air defence system and warplanes. And in cordination with the fascist state and their religious fascist government in order to open a way for the fascist state of Turkey and to carry on the presence in Syria viathe fascist state of Turkey, it has taken a decision to pull back American soldiers from the battle fields as soon as possible. American support is obvious to the fascist state of Turkey. The danger is very close and serious. There is no time to lose. The fascist state of Turkey and the religious fascist government either will be collapsed by a revolution or will throw all of the people of Turkey, northern-Kurdistan and those who live in that region, in middle of a war.

This war, which would throw all working people and oppressed people in the middle of fire, could be prevented and absolutly must be prevented. The propaganda that the fascist state and the religious fascist government is powerful, is completely lie. We see how economic and political crisis opens the ground beneath their feet. They are bullying , threatening and roaring in the squares because they are fearful. They fear the uprising of the workers, laborers, the exploited and unemployed people. Because all of them have been pushed to hunger and poverty. They are afraid of you to wear yellow vest and to follow French laborers who riot in France. They fear that to be “Gezi uprising” all over again and they can not hide this fear anymore.

They are afraid of Kurdish people. They are afraid that the mothers of youths, the mothers of women, and the mothers of children who have been burried alive under the buildings they bombed, will attempt to “Serhıldan”

Workers, Laborers, Oppressed Kurdish people, Women and Young people

The fascist state and religious fascist government try to poison you with chauvinistic propaganda to get your support. They want you to fight against each other as working people and in this way want to maintain their exploitative system and to protect the interests of imperialists. They try to show you the interests of monopoly capitalist class and the US, Germany and France in that region as if it is yours too. In reality your interests are to struggle against fascism, capitalism, and imperialism with laborers of Rojava. Your interests are with the unified democratic revolution ,to democratize Turkey, Northern Kurdistan and middle east and to end all kinds of exploitation, pressure, and slavery.

There is not another way except revolution to get rid of this religious fascist government and fascist state for your freedom . If someone says there is another way except revolution like a election, they tell you an enormous lie. Don’t believe them. These people or parties betray you in the name of religious fascist government and fascist state.

They fear a revolution; Let’s turn their fears into reality.

Don’t allow fascist state and religious fascist government together with imperialists to turn Rojava into a bloodbath.

It is time to act in order to overthrow the fascist state and religious fascist government with a revolution!

The Central Committee of the Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist

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