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Those who want revolution should work to assume power. The first, certain, and indisputable mark of revolution is, after overthrowing the hegemonic class, taking control of political power and immediately thereafter (to a degree simultaneously) seizing economic control.

The last call to action by the Lebanese Communist Party raised hopes in this respect.

The LCP has called on the working classes and democratic revolutionary forces to “overthrow the murderous regime.” This indicates a new stage in the Lebanon crisis. Until yesterday only a variety of bourgeois groups were to be seen on stage.

Now the proletariat and their allies are beginning to show themselves. As the CP has quite rightly noted, “the people are at a historical crossroads.” At this historical crossroads, the proletariat bears the historical duty and responsibility of destroying the hegemony of the bourgeoisie and founding the rule of labor.

The slogan, “all of them means all of them” was seen on flags at the beginning of the months-long uprising of Lebanese working people, and has now taken on a new meaning. The working classes of Lebanon, under the leadership of the proletariat, should step forward to depose all segments of the parasitic class and usher in their own regime, that of labor.

The LCP demonstrates that the waves of uprisings are far from over and that a plan of struggle and program must be created in order to begin preparing to organize the next wave.

The steps the provisional revolutionary government will take must be communicated briefly, directly, and in a manner that is easily understood to the working class and workers of Lebanon. This will play a pivotal role in seeing that poor people side with the CP.

The working classes of Lebanon have been waiting for revolution for nearly a year; this is why they rose up. The destruction created by the explosion has made social revolution a necessity.

Lebanon can be saved only by means of social revolution. Only thus can it return to life and stand on its feet once more.

The conditions have been more than met. The bourgeois government dissolved over time and was finally forced to resign. Like the bourgeois government, bourgeois hegemony has come apart in Lebanon. There are no organs of the state or a government to be seen anymore. All classes are seeking their own way out. A revolutionary situation exists.

The LCP will gain the energetic support of the working classes by taking decisive steps forward.

The people of Lebanon have had their pockets picked clean; they have been left impoverished and out of work to lead a life of desperation by the bourgeoisie and imperialist forces. Bourgeois hegemony and the capitalist system are responsible for this.

The people of Lebanon now have the certain chance to be saved forever from bourgeois hegemony which has sentenced them to a life of poverty, and from capitalist exploitation.

Lebanese Communists, the LCP, must expropriate banks, factories, land, and all the wealth of the bourgeois classes for the working people. If they do so, and if on the first day they have seized power proclaim a better life for the poor, they will win the unconditional and unshakeable support not just of the workers of Lebanon, but of all workers of the world.

The people of Lebanon have been divided along sectarian lines by the bourgeoisie, the unity of the nation erased. The dissolution of bourgeois hegemony and the revolutionary situation which has taken its place has created conditions which will forge this unity anew on the basis of the proletariat. As the CP has indicated, these new “national ties” can be created on this basis by seizing all power.

Only the steps taken by the provisional revolutionary government, as the expression of the power of labor lead by the proletariat, of announcing this government’s program of expropriating banks, monopolies, corporations, land, imperialist property, and trade and financial companies will determine Lebanon’s fate.

Lebanon is at a historic crossroads which will lead to the victory of the Lebanese working class!


Communist Labour Party of Turkey /Leninist

Central Committee


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