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To the Working Class and Opressed People of Nations on the Verge of War!

They have their fingers are on their triggers in the Eastern Mediterranean. The region is on the verge of a war, and it’s impossible to say beforehand how much it will spread and which countries will be pulled in.

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Onward to Victory!

The globe is trembling as the people and working classes of the world stride towards action and revolt. The world is on its feet! We are at the dawn of a new era.

A movement starts in one place and quickly spreads. After brief periods of calm, new movements emerge. The uprisings are expanding and developing, and in each iteration the masses reach a new level. In this manner, the last quarter century has been a time of ceaseless leaps forward.

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Palestine: Revolution, not Comprimise

Revolution, not compromise, will bring the liberation of the Palestininian People.

The Zionist Israeli government, which enjoys the unlimited support of the USA, has announced it will annex one-third of the West Bank. This plan will violate every agreement Israel has made with Palestinian leadership.

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The People of Lebanon Demand Revolution

Those who want revolution should work to assume power. The first, certain, and indisputable mark of revolution is, after overthrowing the hegemonic class, taking control of political power and immediately thereafter (to a degree simultaneously) seizing economic control.

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May Day During Curfew

The Coronated Fascist Machinery of State of Exception did not manage to stop the march of the revolutionaries.

Corona outbreak is used for silencing progressive and revolutionary voices of Turkey and of invaded Bakure Kurdistan. Yet this eerie silence constructed by the fascist regime is shattered by the voice of the revolutionaries, on the first day of May.

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