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May Day During Curfew

The Coronated Fascist Machinery of State of Exception did not manage to stop the march of the revolutionaries.

Corona outbreak is used for silencing progressive and revolutionary voices of Turkey and of invaded Bakure Kurdistan. Yet this eerie silence constructed by the fascist regime is shattered by the voice of the revolutionaries, on the first day of May.

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The Palestine Revolution Will Reach Victory!

The President of the US and his loyal dog in the Middle East, Netanyahu, revealed the broad beans in their mouth and announced the plan they called the "Agreement of the Century."

There is no surprise, everything was as expected from them: What they call the "Deal of the Century" is, in fact, the plan for the liquidation of the Palestinian people's liberation struggle, the freedom fight, even the Palestinian People themselves.

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Turkey and the Kurdistan Working People!

The fascist state and the religious fascist government started the war which they prepare for months, against the people of Rojava. They were waiting for the approval and support of the imperialists to start this war. The US gave the “green light," and the occupation operation was started.

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We Reject the Fascist Coup d'etat!

The fascist coup d'etat overthrew democratic-popular power in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. President Morales was forced resigned and exile by the fascist putsch.
We reject the legitimacy of the coup government! We are in solidarity with Bolivian democratic forces and full support workers and indigenous peoples!  We call all revolutionary-democratic forces, workers and oppressed people around the world to oppose and to fight the fascist coup d'etat.

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Raise the Struggle Against the Occupation!

To Turkey and the Kurdistan People!

The US "green light" expected by Turkey to invade and annexation of Rojava has finally been given. US imperialism by withdrawing her soldiers paved the way of occupation and annexation of Rojava by Turkey that means for the Kurdish people to be massacred, immigrated and seized its property.

Thus, the question of whether Turkey's threat to invade standing 2-3 years, now has already become a close, a tangible, a concrete danger.

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