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Let's Fight Against the Occupation!

The fascist Turkish state is preparing to occupy Rojava and Syrian territories in the name of “Safe Zone".

All signs show that the agreement which is reached with the US means imperialists turned on the green light for Turkey's occupation.

It is not possible to know yet whether the fascist state can achieve the occupation action or not. But there is no doubt that their preparations, goals and objectives are to start an invasion. The head of the religious fascist power explained the desire for the occupation by giving the date with the words “We will add a new one to our victories in August."

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Cyprus Policy and Working Class

The fascist Turkish state has a new headache after Syria, South Kurdistan, Rojava, Iraq, Libya: it is Cyprus.

It's well known that international capitalist monopolies and some countries were researching natural gases and oil in the eastern sea-shelf of Cyprus. It is not new, has already been going on for some time. Cyprus government is the first at this list researcher countries. However, Cyprus is a small and weak country. She has not enough technique and capital for this issue; needs loans and support of big oil companies. And also she needs backing to protect her from some aggressive countries like Turkey. Cyprus government used a protecting umbrella consist of Israel, Egypt, France (and also EU) and the US.

However, Turkish fascist state and monopolistic capitalist class, as also a vulture that like others, want to make a big bite from this pie although anything was not found yet.

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To Working Class and Oppresed Labor People of Turkey and Kurdistan!

The Fascist state (the fascist state of Turkey) declared it would begin a new battle and a military occupation against working people in Rojava. The fascist state that invaded Cerablus, El Bab and Efrin recently, is preparing to bring blood and death to Kurdish people and all of the working people who live in Rojava.

Fascism means war, expansionism, invasion and annexation. The fascist state and religious fascist government did not need to hide their intentions and goals. They attack South-Kurdistan, North-Kurdistan and they expand their war and military occupation movement to new regions against the people of Rojava.

The USA and all imperialist states stand by the battle plans of the fascist state of Turkey; open or hidden, the fascist state of Turkey has been supported by them. The fascist state and the religious fascist government can find power to challenge working people because of support of the USA, European and other imperialist states.

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The Venezuelan Revolutionary Government and The People Will Win

The imperialist countries headed by America and the reactionary states of Latin America have begun a new attack in order to overthrow revolutionary power in Venezuela that is aiming at socialism.

They announced with great arrogance that the revolutionary government and Venezuelan’s president Maduro is not recognised anymore by them who has great support of majority of Venezuelan People.The European imperialist caught the tail of the United States, throwing the veil of democracy, in which was makeshift on their faces.

From the US to the reactionary fascist states of Latin America, from there to the European imperialist, all of enemy of socialism of the World, anti-communists, as a disgusting slurry, enter into a alliance against the revolutionary government of Venezuela, its working class and laborer people.

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The Permanent Crisis of Capitalism- Revolutionary Situation in the World

Today, human history has entered the era of great subversion. The speed of global developments is dizzying. This is a "short history" period in which ten years of developments now fit into months, weeks or even days. On the surface of the world, there is a revolutionary wave hurling humanity from continent to continent, from country to country, from Latin America to Europe, from Asia to Africa.

The uprisings against the ruling classes, the bourgeoisie, the capitalist society, the revolts, civil wars, clashes, strikes and large scale revolutionary mass movements have prevailed all over the world. All this shows that humanity has entered into a "New Phase" of historical development. The era of social revolutions, the era of great subversions has started.

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