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Revolution, not compromise, will bring the liberation of the Palestininian People.

The Zionist Israeli government, which enjoys the unlimited support of the USA, has announced it will annex one-third of the West Bank. This plan will violate every agreement Israel has made with Palestinian leadership.

Mahmud Abbas responded to the Zionist Israeli government and imperialist USA’s plan by announcing that they will no longer honor agreements made with the USA and Israel.

The revolutionary people of Palestine have been led on for too long by the politics of compromise pursued by Mahmud Abbas and his team and are left with no other choice.

Mahmud Abbas’ announcement means the September 13, 1993 Oslo Accords concluded between Zionist Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) have collapsed. While it is claimed that the Oslo Accords were in keeping with the interests of the Palestinian people, they were really an acceptance of captivity for them.

The Oslo Accords have been the biggest obstacle to revolution in Palestine. By withdrawing from this agreement, the Palestinian government has removed this obstacle.

The Oslo Accords were an agreement which kept the Palestinian people in slavery; they were an agreement which forced Palestinians to accept the existence of Zionist Israel.

It has long been necessary to tear up this agreement and toss it into the trash bin of history. As a result of Zionist Isreal’s aggressive attempts to occupy Palestine they have finally wound up in the trash bin of history.


A Revolutionary Path Opens for Palestine

The Palestinian bourgeoisie have done everything in their power to obstruct revolution in Palestine and diverted the revolutionary forces of the people into reactionary byways. In the name of compromise, they have made unlimited concessions to Israel. They have entered into unrestricted relations with the chief enemy of revolution in Palestine – the USA. They have spared no effort to weaken the revolutionary organizations who are the true agents of the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Relying on reactionary Arab states they have set the stage for religious organizations to flourish.

Despite these efforts they have been unsuccessful. Any ‘achievements’ of the Palestinian bourgeoisie have been short term. This is because the stagnation of the imperialist powers and Zionist Israel, who they have continually sought compromise with, means that the Palestinian bourgeoisie themselves have begun to collapse. In order to maintain their wealth, they have no other choice than to become more aggressive, more dominant and rely more heavily on slavery. Israel, wracked by political and economic crisis, is at its weakest point in history.

Israelis have gone to the polls three times in a year. Zionist Israel has been unable to form a government for months and tries to maintain itself by expanding the occupation of Palestinian territory.

The steps Zionist Israel has taken to remain on its feet remove the obstacles to the revolution that will destroy it. Everything the Israeli government does pushes the policy of compromise pursued by the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian bourgeoisie closer to bankruptcy. Religious organizations which are dependent on financial support from reactionary Arab states have begun to weaken as the conditions in these countries forces them to cut their expenditures.

All of this allows the Palestinian revolutionary organizations who have created Palestinian revolution and carried it into our age, giving it with their own blood to gain strength as the Palestinian people join their ranks. These events have enlightened the people of Palestine, showing them who can achieve victory.


The Palestinian Revolution Will Triumph!

The USA and Israel are being faced with the unintended consequences of their aggression. The Palestinian bourgeoise’s policy of compromise with Israel and imperialists has reached the end of its rope. As a result, revolutionary politics can now be followed through to their conclusion. The collapse of the Oslo Accords and other agreements is an important milestone.

The Palestinian and Jewish working classes joined in struggle will ensure the victory of revolution in Palestine, which has been at the center of bloodshed, tyranny and war in the Middle East. The fact that Palestinian revolutionary organizations are stepping into the spotlight is an assurance of victory.

The ‘Palestinian Problem’ will be solved with the foundation of a revolutionary democratic Palestinian state which embraces the Jewish people.

The collapse of the path of compromise chosen by the Palestinian bourgeoisie has opened up the path for the revolutionary forces of Palestine, the Palestinian, and Jewish people.

Now is the time for the working classes of the Middle East to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Now is the time for struggle against imperialism and Zionist Israel. Now is the time to rise up in struggle against the plans for occupation laid by the USA and Israel.

Our party stands in full solidarity with the Palestinian people and their revolutionary forces!


Communist Labour Party of Turkey /Leninist

Central Committee


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