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The Coronated Fascist Machinery of State of Exception did not manage to stop the march of the revolutionaries.

Corona outbreak is used for silencing progressive and revolutionary voices of Turkey and of invaded Bakure Kurdistan. Yet this eerie silence constructed by the fascist regime is shattered by the voice of the revolutionaries, on the first day of May.

The members of Mücadele Birliği, ESP and DP shouted revolutionary slogans in both Turkish and Kurdish during the march and agitated to call for revolutionary action.

Although the riot police tried to cut the way of the revolutionaries, they continued their march.

After that police attacked and arrested the demonstrators. During the attacks, a protester's arm was broken.

The police also blocked the media recording the brutal attacks and tried to seize the camera of the Mücadele Birliği reporter, with the excuse of checking the press card of her.


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