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NATIONAL ISSUE (Kurdish National Issue)

As annexing and occupying North Kurdistan, Turkish bourgeoisie that has enforced terror and genocide to Kurdish people has made Kurdish nation completely a nation exploited, oppressed, under hegemony and being slavery through grounding the political annexation of Kurdistan on an economic base.

As a result of development of capitalism in Kurdistan, Kurdish bourgeoisie class has integrated with Turkish bourgeoisie and fallen out of national movement. Kurdish people together with Turkish people has been put into the same market relations; resting on this economic base has caused blend of Kurdish and Turkish proletarians with development and being sovereign of capitalism in Kurdistan.

Exploitation by only one bourgeois class on the same capitalist base and oppression by the same and one state, have transformed a common revolutionary process of Kurdistan and Turkey that developed separately to only one revolutionary process in the course of time. National emancipation struggle has become an unbroken piece of social revolution struggle.

The dependence to the same revolution process and revolution dynamism form the material basis of the fact that Kurdish proletariat together with proletariats from Turkey and different nations are organized in the same revolutionary class party and their joint struggle.

Only Kurdistan proletariat can lead national and class emancipation struggle because of its class position.

Arab, Laz, Circassian and the other national communities have been exploited by chauvinist Turkish bourgeoisie and held under national oppression within the same capitalist economic relations. Struggles of whole national communities under national oppression for their national rights are the parts of social revolution.

This material conditions are carrying proletarians from all nations to unite with Kurdish and Turkish proletariat in the same class organizations.

Social revolution in the leadership of proletarians from all nations and peoples will end capital hegemony and will abolish the national oppression and every kind of national inequality and contradiction.



Proletariat which seized politic power through revolution, abolishes the private property of all means of production on the hand of bourgeoisie and transforms these to the public property by means of power. Under the public property, social qualities of means of production that have been gained develop freely up to end. In this point, the power in transition from capitalism to socialism will be revolutionary dictatorship of proletariat. Proletariat dictatorship keeps its importance along the transition stage that will comprise the whole process because class struggle will continue as getting new forms along this stage.

Competition specific to capitalist mode of production itself, anarchy in social production and the other obstacles of development of production disappear in communist society which based on collective property of expropriated means of production; planned and expropriated production get their places instead. Contrast between the intellectual and manual labor and social inequality among the gender die out. By the expropriated means of production, it becomes possible that each member of society takes a life getting rich permanently and entirely enough under the guarantee; everyone develops their abilities freely in terms of physical and intellectual.

By abolition of private property, disappearance of classes and ending the exploitation of human being by human being, all the class antagonism and class state also disappear.

Communist society which is an united society passes through the stage of socialism that carries the marks of old society throughout where it arises and comes from as economically, morally and intellectually. In this lower stage of communist society, struggle against the old society defeated but not destroyed totally and its relations as residual lasts under the new form continuously. In the socialist stage, the material and technical basis of communism is prepared, communism reaches its own basis for the first time. Social productive forces show a great development in the upper stage of communist society; communal production becomes enough as much as meeting everyone’s needs, working becomes the main necessity of life while it was only a means of life. People improve versatilely and becomes free. The fact that all countries are the parts of the world trade and market has caused that the interests of all countries’ laborers become same. Therefore, emancipation of proletariat as a social task needs a struggle which workers of whole countries will participate in.

TKEP/Leninist taking the proletarian international principle as base considers itself as a squad of

international revolutionary proletarian movement; supports the struggle of oppressed peoples against the imperialism.



In order to reach its aim of abolishing classes and class antagonisms, TKEP/Leninist anticipates that it will realize firstly Democratic Power of People as a consequence of the victory of Democratic Revolution of People, so that it can reach socialism by transforming this power to proletariat dictatorship.

The main vanguard force of revolution and political power is the proletariat, the only revolutionary class. Proletariat is the only class that will conduct the social revolution till the end consistently, because of its class position. However, proletariat cannot save itself unless it rescue all the oppressed people. Proletariat conducts the alliance policy in struggle for political power because the vast majority of society have not been wage worker in Turkey.

The laborer masses which proletariat anticipates to make alliance with:

Agricultural Proletariat: They become a crucial potential getting bigger in rural. Agricultural proletariat exploited and oppressed by the agricultural bourgeoisie is the natural and main alliance force of urban industrial proletariat in the struggle of revolution, political power and socialism.

Intellectual laborers, technical personnel: While upper part of these are dependent on capital domination strictly, lower part is mostly salaried intellectual laborers. These lower parts are held under oppression and exploited. Most part of these participate first step of social revolution, and an important part of these that also will be gained help proletariat in the culture, science, art, economics and technical areas. The Party conducts the alliance policy to gain these for revolution.

Army of unemployed people: Their numbers increase massively and permanently. Unemployment in Turkey is not a temporary, instant situation but gained continuity and is in a situation that monopolist capitalist system cannot solve. Besides ones that can find job regard themselves as lucky, most of them are subjected to a starvation and poverty. These are in the position of proletarian because a part of these was proletarian before and a part will also become proletarian in the future. Yet, they are inconsistent and weak caused by being extorted from production. The Party pursuits to gain them to revolution as they carry a revolutionary potential.

Petty and poor peasantry: A part of laborer peasantry whose most part is in the situation of propertyless and semi-proletarian, has also land that is enough only for itself. Poor peasantry is within the propertyless and unemployment; moreover, they work for peanuts and have a life within the extremely misery when they find a job. Poor peasantry is the closest alliance force of urban industry proletariat after agricultural proletariat. Peasantry that has petty property is, however, getting more propertyless and more proletarian through being pushed to poverty in all days passed by mechanization, centralization of capital, interest and mortgages of banks. The future of them is dependent on proletariat. Petty peasantry is the alliance force of proletariat in rural.

Proletariat conducts the policy of neutralization for middle-peasantry in the revolution.

Craftsmen, tradesmen, urban petty bourgeoisies: Petty bourgeoisies that form an important part of urban population numerically, consist of tradesmen, dialers, doctors, architect-engineer, ones running small workshop and various groups. While very little part of craftsmen and petty bourgeoisies become more bourgeois, a great part of them is, however, becomes more propertyless permanently under the power of capitalism, finding itself either in the masses of proletarians or unemployed. Craftsmen and urban petty bourgeoisies is an alliance force of proletariat in this revolution.

Petty peasantry and craftsmen who are the alliance forces of proletariat show a backward and inconsistent attitude against bourgeoisie because they are dependent on the backward forms of production. While urban petty bourgeoisies also remain as private proprietor act like a bourgeois and expect to participate them; yet, as proletarianization, they struggle in the proletarian ranks and they are revolutionary from the way of this aspect. All the petty bourgeoisies lurch between proletariat and bourgeoisie; between the social revolution of proletariat and anti-revolutionary forces. Hence, with taking side of stronger and winner, they are getting a inseparable part of social revolution which is in front of us.

The Party will take into account these situations of petty peasantry and urban petty bourgeoisies in its alliance policies.


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